1. I've booked my mini-adventure to Preston! I'm VERY excited to be visiting a couple of Blythe friends, but also to pick up my first ever custom Blythe doll! And, of course, travel by train! Choo-choo!

2. My new Robo-Keys caps, cos I'm getting tired of standing outside the front door trying to find the right one!

3. I'm always scribbling away when I'm on the phone or bored or whatever, so why not do it for charity? It was National Doodle Day on Friday, and this is my doodle.

4. Nope, not cocktails again! But having a tweet-up with friends is a great thing, people should do it more often! Just pick a time and place, invite people on Twitter and meet some interesting folk. Job done! A group of us did it on Friday night and had a great time!

5. I'm making it a mission to read some of the great vintage books I've bought, so I'm starting with Truckers by Terry Pratchett, which I picked up at a car boot sale after remembering the 1990's TV show from the cover.

6. Paperchase cards make me smile! I usually head there for cards because they say what you want them to say, not just some cheesy message. This one says "I love you more than fairy kittens wearing mittens", how cute is that?!

7. Hotel Chocolat Milk Smiley Lick. A happy and delicious combo!

8. I saw two really good films at the cinema this weekend. Both funny and lovely at the same time, I Give It A Year...

9. ...and Warm Bodies, which is just a great idea for a film!

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