1. Cocktails at one of my favourite bars, The Tippling House, even though this one's a virgin!

2. The best old-school doughrings in town! Massive, fluffy and coated in granulated sugar, they remind me of school dinners when they used to cover them in custard! Yum!

3. I downloaded Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits and it's been on repeat ever since.

4. I exchanged a book I was sent in error for these shiny new books using Amazon's trade-in service. Find Chaffy Now is like Where's Wally and I read Z For Zachariah at school and remember loving it, so I think that's due a re-read.

5. I went to A Very Vintage Valentine Fair on Saturday and bought a beautiful silk vintage dress which needs a tiny bit of love but may be "the one" for my friend's wedding in Portugal this year!

6. I started a big clearout and found these Busted calendars, I loved them (and sort of still do!) and haven't quite parted with them yet!

7. I also found old cuddly toys, including my very first one, Mr Noisy, and poor old battered Moki, who has survived severe hair-matting and a couple of dog attacks!

8. Movie 43 is the weirdest, slightly scarring film I've ever seen, and although I'm still not sure what I saw I actually quite liked it!

9. To top off my week I joined some friends in a pub quiz at Ferryhill House Hotel and we came joint third! We is well clever! :D

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