1. Snow on trees, it's just really pretty isn't it?!

2. I went to Step Into The 50's, an event in Aberdeen with dancing, singing and stands.  I got some professional photos done, so when I get them I'll do a proper post on it all.

3. I wore this, Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm by Rimmel. It lasted all evening, just like it said it would!
4. The following day I went out in search of hot chocolate and found this massive custard cream from Costa. They do bourbons too!
5. Sending P away to get customised. This is the first time I've had a doll customised and I've sent her to my friend Cat because I've seen her work and I know she'll do a great job! She getting a whole new look and I'm very excited!

6. These Hello Kitty slippers were a must, only £4 in Primark!

7.  We saw Django Unchained, which I really liked.  It's a great story, gory but not in a bad way and generally kick-ass and funny!

8. I missed Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at the cinema but I'm glad I saw it on the telly this weekend. You have to be patient, it takes a while for him to find the secret of the key, but it reminds you that everyone has a story and it's nice to listen.

9. I've been adding new items to my vintage shop! I get so excited about buying new items and have held off in adding some for a few weeks, but I'm back into the swing of things and there are some brilliant new books and jigsaws in there for you to see!

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