1. Did I tell you I'd booked my ticket for BlytheCon 2013 in New York? Haven't booked flights or anything yet, but I have my ticket!  Unfortunately with it being ComicCon weekend the hotels will be extortionate, but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

2. For Hogmanay my sister and I went to The Great New Orleans Jamboree at The Tippling House which is a local boutique bar and restaurant. We drank the most delicious cocktails and listened to live jazz as the new year rolled in.

3. Gene Kelly. Need I say much more?! I watched a triple bill of Singin' In The Rain, An American In Paris and On The Town during my holidays. He was so handsome and charming and could sing and dance...swoon!

4. This is my new Hello Kitty USB stick based on Demon from Kiss. I really need to get my files in order cos they're all over the place, and buying a cool new memory stick will obviously help!

5. I bought a Mini Lalaloopsy. I wouldn't usually have but it was on sale and she's so cute with her doggy and marshmallows on a stick and little flocked dress.

6. On my last day of culinary freedom before I return to my normal healthier eating I went to an all-you-can-eat chain restaurant called Cosmo. There weren't a huge amount of veggie options but there was enough that I managed to eat a good three course meal for £14.99. The highlight was obviously the chocolate fountain, where I dunked some grapes (healthy!) and the sweeties! Yum!

7. This weekend the CITV channel had an Old Skool Weekend where they played lots of shows from my childhood. I had to record some, but I loved the episode of Sooty they showed! Knightmare was amazing and I really wanted to be on Finders Keepers. I'm looking forward to watching T-Bag.

 8. I had my eye on this stag head tartan bag from Accessorize for a while but kept putting myself off spending the money. Then it went into the sale but there were still loads, so I left it again.  This weekend it was the last one in the shop so I took that as a sign and bought it!

9. We went to see The Impossible at the cinema and it was really good. I spent most of the time with my hands to my face, grimacing or welling up or just in shock.  I can't imagine how horrific this must've been for people, it really puts things into perspective.

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