1. I LOVE my new Minnie Mouse onesie! I got it from Tesco and it was only £13 and it's basically made of supersoft fluff.

2. These specific rum truffles. They are cheap and stick to the inside of your mouth, but they are delicious!

3. I'd always fancied getting some 3D nail art so I bought these stick on nails in Japan. They were about £16 but everyone comments on them, mostly to say how amazing they are, but sometimes to say that they'd never manage to work with them!  I've seen lots of cool ones on Etsy too and might have to get special Christmas themed ones!

4. This is another Japan purchase. It's a bit of a nonsense buy because you make a sandwich and squash it in this sealed sandwich thing and it seals the edges and cuts the crusts of, but somehow they taste different! Plus it only cost like 80p in a 100yen shop, although if you want one you'll probably find them on eBay.

5. Pocky. Very moreish indeed.

6. I feel like a VIP rocking my new black Unlimited card. As you all know I go to the cinema a lot, so Cineworld have decided to reward Unlimited card holder of over 12 months with a new black card, 25% off food & drinks and no extra charges to pay for 3D films.

7. Hmm, how to describe Silver Linings Playbook...it's weird but in a nice way. Bradley and Jennifer are really good in it, and it's so funny in parts, just a really nice film.

8. Took another trip to Las Iguanas which has recently opened in Aberdeen. On my first visit I had roast butternut squash, cream cheese, spinach, fine beans & chickpeas chimichangas, which was delicious, and this time it was all about warm gooey pudding in the shape of Aztec Chocolate Fudge Cake.

9. End Of Watch kinda blew me away.  When we left after the film I couldn't breathe properly and my mind went a bit numb but was also full of thoughts, which is generally the sign of a great film for me! Go and see it if you haven't already.

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