With me being at BlytheCon this weekend, most of this week's loves are related to my trip, but I've kinda skirted around the event so I can do a whole big separate blogpost about it in a day or two!

1. I went to see Now Is Good last week just before it stopped showing at my local cinema and it was lovely. It's based on the kind of book that my teenage self would have cried over and my adult self almost cried at the film. There were plenty of tears in the room though!

2. I'm going through a Bond stage at the moment in my pre-Skyfall excitement, so when I saw these "vintage" 007 books in WHSmith for buy one get one half price, I grabbed the first two of the series, Casino Royale and Live And Let Die, to read on the train.

3. I love going on train journeys, especially when it's lovely and sunny, which is exactly what it was on my way to Manchester! The view from the train was amazing and I took this photo at one of my favourite parts, Stonehaven. Apologies for the reflection!

4. In between reading my new books and staring out the window I put on my new nails. These are Broadway Impress press-on nails in TGIF and I got lots of compliments on them over the weekend!  I've tried them before and they only lasted a week, but they're really quick and easy to apply and they come in really funky patterns as well as plain nails.

5. Is it sad that I was really excited about being on the tram?  Well I was! I'd never been on one before and it made my trip so much easier!

6. The highlight of my week was obviously BlytheCon 2012. It was my first convention, with my first Blythe and everyone was so lovely!

7. Both Blythe and I made lots of new friends this weekend! (She's at the very right in the middle row).

8.  Unfortunately on Sunday I had to come home, but I arrived at the train station early and enjoyed leisurely cups of tea while watching the world go by. At this point I was blissfully unaware that my train would be cancelled and I'd have a day of hassle ahead!

9. This is another great view from the train from the Forth Rail Bridge when I was on the home stretch and a few hours later I finally arrived home, which always feel great!

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