1. It's starting to get cold here, so my lunches at work will consist mostly of soup, probably until March! My office at work is a bit on the cold side so eating cold food is not an option!

2. I finally got round to watching all of Parade's End and it was really good. I rather like a period drama with some all-consuming, what would the neighbours say, impulsive and romantic love *swoon*

3. I made my first purchase from BuyaPowa this week when I saw this Skyfall nail polish set. It was delivered quickly and the colours are great, all with a bit (or a lot in the case of Goldfinger) of glitter. I'm wearing The World Is Not Enough, but it's really hard to get the full effect in a photo. It's a darkish grey with a totally understated, really fine reddy pink and turquoise-green shimmer which doesn't sound anywhere near as great as it is! Only bad thing is it took lots of coats but I've read that the others are better.

4. I've been shopping! Lots of lovely new clothes were delivered this week including this ace geek t-shirt that I've wanted for ages.

5. I know it's not for another 60+ days, but my Christmas Shop is now open! I spent the weekend decorating the tree and photographing my seasonal items, and to share my festive joy, my lovely blog readers can get 10% of all items by using code BLOGREADER at the checkout!

6. No cinema trip for me this week, so I had a chilled out weekend watching a couple of films, including The Hangover Part II. I love these films, despite what they get up to part of me wishes I was there too! What an epic night out that would be... :D Can't wait for Part III next May!

7. On a more sensible note I watched The Adjustment Bureau for the first time and really liked it too. I'm a bit of a believer that what's meant to be will be, but I'll keep my eye out for those men in hats just in case!

8. I haven't been thrifting for weeks so I was excited about getting back into it this weekend. I've got some ace new things for my Whimsy shop, which I'll add to the shop and write a post about shortly, but I always have to treat myself and this week I got seven Indiana Jones books and the three original films on DVD. My reading pile is becoming immense!

9. I also bought this sew your own panda kit for £1 and made it whilst watching What's Your Number. It was pretty hard to keep my eyes on both the panda and Chris Evans at the same time!

What have you loved this week?

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