1. On Monday I went to a preview of Looper and it loved it. It's a great concept for a film and I won't spoil it for you, but you should go and see it!

2. I'm trying to start drawing again, so during my lunchtime I drew a quick panda. I'm pretty happy with it and I loved doing it, so I need to dig out my sketchbook and do some more.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Need I say more?  He's just really cool and nice and talented. I also saw Premium Rush this week which was really good, and unfortunately I haven't seen the full NBC Magic Mike thing (I'll keep trying though!). I've signed up to his open-collaborative production company HitRECORD in an attempt to get myself motivated to draw and write more, which is a great idea, but I'm also a bit scared of it all! (photo via Belfast Telegraph).

4. I saw a robin in the garden. It stood there for ages and I wondered if I'd manage to get my camera in time but I did and it posed for a while!

5. Saturday was a totally lazy day for me and I LOVE days like that! I sat in my comfy trackies watching The Swarm and eating chocolate.

6. It's only a few days til BlytheCon 2012! I'm really excited about meeting everyone and seeing their dolls and buying some nice things for my doll!  I had to take a picture of us for registration to help people recognise us, so here we are!

7. I went in search of some more fantastic vintage items for my shop and came out with bag-loads of wonderful things! I have books galore including some Disney, Harry Potter and Star Trek ones and found these three in great condition! I remember playing Car Capers when I was little!

8. Our Sunday cinema trip this week was a double bill of Hope Springs and The Campaign. Hope Springs was good but The Campaign was more my cup of tea cos I find Will Ferrell hilarious! This has been a total film-fest, not sure if I've seen five movies at the cinema in one week before! (I also saw Killing Them Softly which was much funnier than I thought it'd be).

9. Last night I started properly learning Japanese. It's only 34 days til we go so I really need to knuckle down! So far it seems like a really nice language to learn!

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