I've got some exciting shop updates for you this week!

First up, I've started adding my Christmas stock to my shop!

It still feels a bit early to be saying that because I haven't even been on my holidays yet, but it's also nice to be prepared and spread the cost a little!

So I've started off with two cute decorations, little felt stockings with fluffy bobbles and little felt puddings with beads (shown on a miniature tree, just in case you're worried that they're massive!).

I've also listed four Christmas cards which can be bought individually, in a pack of 4 (with one of each design) or in any combination you want! Just let me know how many of which ones you would like!

They are my own designs, hand-drawn, then add in a woolly wonderland background and send them to the printers and voila!

To steer off of the Christmas vibe for a moment (unless you're thinking that these will make some excellent gifts, which they totally will!) I've also added a couple of vintage jigsaws to my Whimsy shop!

"Noddy Stops At The Zebra Crossing" is a wooden jigsaw from 1979, and The Muppet Show one is from 1981. Aren't they fantastic?!

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