Last week flew by so fast, I'm struggling to remember my name let alone my loves!

1. After waiting months for the new iPhone 5, then spending the morning of it's launch hovering over the submit button, I finally pre-ordered it. I'm using an iPhone 3G which I bought 3-4 years ago which is slowly dying a death, so it's time to upgrade.

2. I bought some new cool t-shirts from Threadless. I'd never used them before but I liked these two and they were in a $10 tee sale, so I snapped them up. I bought medium sized ones, which are not too baggy or tight. The one on the right glows in the dark and the cats body appears in UV light and reminds me of Totoro! It hasn't had great reviews but I'll try it and see, I like the design anyway!

3. My friend and I went on a mini-adventure to Dundee. I lived there for 8 years and my flat was due a new tenant so we made a little holiday of it! I'll do a full post shortly to tell you all about it!

4. Whilst there we went for Tonic burgers. They have almost 250 combinations of burgers starting at £5.65 and that's including fries! We grabbed a seat at the window and watched the world go by as we stuffed our faces!

5. Our cinema trip this week was to see The Watch. I'd heard it wasn't that funny but we thought it was good!

6. I love my new gloves from Primark! Look at that irresistible panda face and his little pompom ears! They were only £2 so that was a done deal straight away!

7. Living the rock n roll lifestyle that we do, after going out for one drink, we headed home, made some tea, put on our pyjamas and watched Beauty & The Beast!

8. Here's a random happy face that we found, of all places, on the inside of a 110+ year old ship! Obviously it hadn't been there that long, but he was smiling all the same!

9. And to top off our lovely (but slightly stressful) weekend, I've got a lovely new tenant and a signed tenancy agreement. Yay!

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