1. I got this ace Lego Ideas Book from the book people that visit my work. I usually buy all my books online but this cost a good bit less than Amazon etc so I had to have it!

2. Yip, this is me! I'm getting this new Cineworld Unlimited Premium membership thing so I had to take a photo of myself. 99% of the time photos of me are awful, I normally pull a face to pre-empt the awfulness but I had to be sensible with this one! This is a good photo of me and that makes me happy!

3. I went to see NTL's Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. I'd read the book years ago and forgotten exactly what happens but it all came flooding back to me.  It was fantastic, the stage layout, the movement, the dialogue, the humour, everything.

4. Peapod has just opened a new vintage shop in Aberdeen on Rosemount Place, so my sister and I went for a look. It has lots of lovely things but I didn't have enough money with me. I'll definitely need to go back!

5. We also visited Cloudy Blue which is just across the road. It's a gift shop full of fabulous things and I bought a 3D drawing kit and some cool robot key covers. I'll try the kit out and let you know if it's as amazing as it sounds!

6. This is me and my sister! We're much taller in our shadows!

7. It was such a sunny day on Saturday so we also went for a walk round Victoria Park. It was so peaceful despite being next to a main road and lots of people were out enjoying the weather.

8. Sunday was also a lovely sunny day but I sacrificed half the afternoon to see Lawless. It's based on a true story about a family who make and sell moonshine during the Depression. Like a lot of families all the characters are so different but they get the job done together. And Tom Hardy. Nuff said!

9. I also went to see Anna Karenina which was so beautiful. I loved that a lot of the scenes were filmed inside an old theatre and it has a very theatrical feel.

What are your This Week's Loves?

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