Well, This Fortnight's Loves to be right! I missed out on last week's This Week's Loves because I was at a craft fair then launching my new blog (which I hope you're all loving!).

1. Making lunch bags for the craft fair was mostly fun, until I broke 3 needles within half an hour!  I have the last three available in my shop.

2. I really love doing Aberdeen Craft Bazaar. Unfortunately the horrendous weather and flooding kept some people at home, but they run every few months and are definitely worth a visit.

3. I've added a few new items to my Whimsy shop this week and I especially love this kitten jigsaw puzzle! Isn't it really cute?! There's another rabbit jigsaw and a few Rupert bits been added too.

4. I decided to dye my hair and do my nails at 10pm the night before I went to Dundee, which isn't that clever of me! Luckily I had these nail wraps so didn't have to worry about drying time!

5. I totally love my friends!  I haven't been back down for months and had a fantastic night out in Dundee on Friday night, it's just like I'd never been away!

6. The day after the night before we had a lazy day. We got pizza delivered, lounged about, then watched DVDs whilst stuffing our faces with sweets! Our first film was Unstoppable which I'd never seen before and it was really good, every few minutes there's a panic about what happens next!

7. I'd wanted to see Bronson for a long time so that was our second film. Tom Hardy is amazing, but you probably know that already!

8. I know it's really early, but I've bought my 2013 diary already! I saw this Star Wars Moleskine diary and had to have it! It has "May The Force Be With You" embossed on the front, a removable address book and other cool custom bits.

9. On my way back from Dundee I stopped at Castleton Farm Shop for cake. My Twitter friend Lisa makes their amazing cakes and always tweets tempting pictures of them!  I now feel slightly ill after eating some banoffee cheesecake, forest fruits cheesecake, strawberry tart and neapolitan ice cream. And I still have a coffee and walnut cake to try!

How has your week/fortnight been?

Karen x

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