Recently I've seen a lot of bloggers, especially in the USA and Canada talking about SheInside, an online shop for women's fashion.

And when Dana at Wonder Forest did a Self Portrait blogpost where she wore a really lovely blue top, I had to have it! This is the top, so pretty and covered in flowers and the collar and the bow and everything for under £20!

SheInside is based in China but does free worldwide shipping. They add lots of new items every day and have a really big range, but this does make it a bit hard to look through it all.

I registered for the site and promptly got an email with a code for 15% off my first order, which was even better! I did have a look around and saw a few things but thought I'd wait and see how this order went first. When I hit the button my order came to only £16.45.

They also have a Bonus Points Program where you get points for purchases, reviewing products, sharing links and photos of you wearing their products. Each point equals one cent off future purchases and it's a nice added extra.

My order took about 3 weeks to get to the UK from the date of ordering until it arrived. It was packaged in clear plastic within one of those tough grey mailing bags.

The top looks exactly as shown. The fabric is not quite what I was expecting but it's lightweight and is the kind of stuff that won't crease easily. The bow is removable and it a long piece of cloth so you could bow it or belt it or wear it in your hair or on your bag or whatever you fancy!

I tried it on with a full navy skirt but I looked like a cartoon schoolgirl, so I think I'll just wear it with jeans.

The only thing I have a problem with is the sizing.  This top comes in small, medium and large but you have to pay attention to the sizing.  I'm usually a UK size 10 and going by the measurements I just fit into a large! When I tried on the top there is a bit of a stretch across the bust but luckily the bow covers it.

Although I didn't have a bad shopping experience I'm not really sure if I'd order again unless there was something I knew I'd really like. The prices and range are good, but the time it takes to get here and the sizing puts me off.

Have you ordered from SheInside? What did you think?

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