Every now and then I see something that is a luxury item which I would never normally buy but it's so special I'm prepared to forego other things to get it.

I'm not a big spender, in fact since I've been saving for a home of my own I've cut down dramatically on my spending, and I always try to get my dream buys at the lowest price possible. So when I visited Cheshire Oaks designer outlet village this weekend I took the opportunity to buy something I have long coveted: a Mulberry bag! And this is she:
She's a Mulberry Postman's Lock Camera Bag and, no, I don't know why it's a she!

This bag usually retails at £650, and at half the price it's still expensive, but if I have to have it very little will stop me! There's no way I would have paid full price for it, and if I had that kind of money it probably wouldn't feel as precious to me. To be honest, I've barely taken it out of the dustbag yet, but I saw a display one in the shop which was a bit beaten up and it actually looked better, so I can see this being my constant companion for a long time!

A week or so before I got another bag which I really like in the Harvey Nichols sale. This is another great place to get designers items at half price and I got this Marc By Marc Jacobs Natasha Petal To The Metal crossbody bag:

I had my eye on this bag for a long time too and that's really one of my top tips for designer discounts:
 Don't panic buy something that feels like a great idea at the time unless you can afford to, you'll end up resenting this amazing item you have and it won't give you that wonderful feeling that it should!

I'd hate to think I've spent all that money on a fake so I make sure I buy from trusted sources. I usually buy things from sales at Harvey Nichols, or discount sites The Outnet or Cocosa as these are shops that I have used and trust to provide me with the service and product I want.

And finally, timing is everything. You have to weigh up what you're prepared to spend versus how much you want it.  If you think it's something that you'd love but could bear to live without, it's often worth hanging on to see if it'll be reduced further.

The longer something is on sale, the cheaper it usually becomes, so my rule of thumb is this: If I'm not 100% convinced that it's the product I want, I'll hang fire and see if it sells out or becomes reduced further.  If I don't get it I'm often disappointed but I know that I obviously didn't want it that much or I would have bought it straight away.

What are your dream buys?  And do you have any tips for designer bargain hunting? It'd be great to hear from you!

Karen x

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