I have some ridiculously exciting news for you this week, something that makes me squee every time I think about it! :D But more about that later...

1. Sale bargains! There are lots of sales on just now and I was in town anyway so it'd be rude not to look! I got these ace high-waisted lilac jeans from Topshop which were reduced from £40 to £15 and feel really summery but comfy when on!

2. More sale bargains! I also got these rings in the sale at Topshop for a few pounds each. The glasses are part of a set of three rings, one with a nose and one with a mouth, but I only really bought them for the glasses! I love the loose eyes on the cartoony one!

3. I haven't been to the comic book shop for a good few weeks but it's right next to my hairdresser so I like to pop in when I'm in the area. I'm collecting the Avengers Vs X-Men series just now.

4. I also bought a few random Kidrobot things where the contents are a surprise until you open them. I got a Super Mini fireman keyring, a cool 100% wooden Jibibuts, a Yummy Breakfast pastry and a Smorkin Labbit. Probably the only one I'd buy again would be the Jibibuts cos they make nice ornaments too, but I've just spotted lots of funky stuff on the Kidrobot site...

5. Strawberry milkshakes at Tinderbox. It's my favourite place to get hot chocolate and caked in Aberdeen, but it closed down this week so we went in for a farewell drink :(

6. This is an all year round love but I had lots of cake this week! It was my sister's birthday on Monday and a colleague's birthday midweek, so he brought in these yummy, pretty cupcakes his son's girlfriend made!

7. Juicy watermelon in the sunshine!

8. Continued work on my secret project. This is a sneaky hint ;)

9. And finally, the squee-inducing news - I'M GOING TO JAPAN! This is a total dream holiday for me and I can't wait! I saw an offer on flights from my local airport and we only had a couple of days to decide so we just did it! My sister's coming with me for 10 days in November, and the plan is to spent most of the time in Tokyo but also travel a bit, probably to Kyoto and Osaka, but I need to do lots of research first.

If you've been to Japan and have any advice or recommendations let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

Karen x

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