It's funny how I seem attracted to similar things on a shopping trip. This time it seems to have been monochrome and brights!

I paid a visit to H&M, which is a shop where I either see loads of things or nothing at all, and this time it was loads! Here are my treats:

1. H&M Striped Cardigan 2. H&M Nail Polish 3. ASOS LEIGH Patent T-Bar Shoes
4. H&M Eyeshadow Set

5: Black & white striped vest from H&M 6. Multi Coloured Palm Leaf Vest 7. F&F Cotton stretch cardigan
I don't like to spend too much money on work clothes and I don't suit suits, so I like to buy cardis like these which were both £10 or less. Even if they only last for 6-12 months that's fine as I like to change them seasonally anyway!

The shoes I LOVE! I saw them on Scathingly Brilliant's blog (she has the red ones) and these are my new favourite day-to-day shoes. I'm always cautious picking shoes as I think my feet look quite big, but the T-bar distracts from that!

I love the vest style tops because they can be dressed up or down and I can't believe the eyeshadow set was only £5.99!

Isn't the H&M colour amazing on?! This one is Something Blue and the green one is Polish Me Happy.

I love these new rings, both from H&M. The one on the left is a black ball of fluff on a gold coloured band and the other is clear plastic but I love the funky geometric shape!

I have a night out this weekend so think I'll keep the nails and team them with the striped vest top and a pair of bright blue jeans and heels, and top it all off with a black blazer.

Does anything here catch your eye?

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