Thursday, 30 November 2017

Review: 4DX Experience At Cineworld Aberdeen Union Square

Being a movie fan I was quite excited when it was announced that Cineworld in Aberdeen was going to get a 4DX screen. I was even more excited when I received an invite to their preview showing last night.

4DX is a technology that creates an immersive cinematic experience, stimulating all fives senses using motion seats and special effects including wind, rain, snow, lightning, fog, and even scents.

Unlike the motion chairs of D-Box before it, the 4DX seats are blocked together in 4s, and they move back and forth, up and down, and side to side. They also vibrate and shake and "tickle". They're fitted with some of the special effects such as jets of air, water, and smells while the rest come from big rigs attach to the wall or on the floor at the screen.

Our screening was revealed as Justice League but before the feature there was an advert showing what 4DX could do and the cinema went a bit wild with laughter and gasps and general excitement!

To be honest we had quite mixed feelings when we left the screening. It was fun, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure how often I'd view 4DX and here's why: I found it quite distracting and often unnecessary. The timing is sometimes off so the wind's still blowing when the characters have moved inside. I don't particularly want to be sprayed with water when I'm watching a film (although it can be switched off on your seat) and sometimes cinema screens can be cold enough without wind blowing. The motion can be quite jerky and the "ticklers" left me wondering if my seat was broken. It also costs around £5 more than a normal cinema seat.

However, although it seems quite gimmicky, I like that cinema is progressing and that this is the next step in enhancing the experience, and I think that they'll refine it over time.

I'd advise you to try 4DX, even just once, to experience it but choose your film wisely (a big action adventure or disaster movie would be good) and I'd choose a 3D viewing (ours was 2D) for a more immersive experience. Hey, you might really like it, fellow Aberdeen blogger Anastasia is raving about it!

Cineworld invited us along for a complementary preview evening. All views are my own.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Review: Bowl 'Em Over At Lane7

I'm quite good at 10-pin bowling, if I do say so myself, but recently realised that Allan and I have never been bowling together. As if by magic, I received an invite to try out Aberdeen's newest bowling alley.

Situated on Shiprow in the centre of Aberdeen, Lane7 is a boutique, meaning it's smaller, but more intimate and attentive. The decor is industrial and open, giving it that cool bar vibe which is handy because it also has a cool bar with the usual drinks and some lesser known brands. I tried a Hooper's Plum and Sloe while Allan tried out a High Wire Grapefruit pale ale by Magic Rock, both of which were very tasty.

We strapped on our funky shoes and went to bowl. They have half a dozen immaculate lanes with cool bowling balls styled like giant pool balls so I went for an 8-ball and dusted off my signature leg flick, much to Allan's amusement. All his mockery was short-lived when I beat his ass, even on a rusty day.

But Lane7 isn't just for bowling and drinking. They also have ping pong tables, amusements, pool, a photo booth and soon they'll start serving food. And it's not just for adults either, although they have a late licence which offers a great alternative to nightclubs or casinos, they do accept family bookings during the day and into the evening.

So, people of Aberdeen and the surrounding area, get yourselves to Lane7 for something just a wee bit different.

Lane7 invited us along for a complementary preview evening. All views are my own.

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