Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sponsored: My Great British Baking Wishlist

Autumn has officially begun and this is when my mind turns to all things comfy and cosy. Snuggley blankets, stylish (and unstylish) knitwear and extra cups of tea! But one of my main comforts is food, especially baking, and with the Great British Bake Off every week tempting me with new and delicious things to try, I think I should give in to temptation. I need something to do as the nights get darker and the weather gets colder!

I also joined my local Scottish Women's Rural Institute (SWRI for short) last week, which is well know for its competitions and home-bakes so I need to up my game and here are the tools I hope will help me!

I think most people would have a KitchenAid Artisan mixer on their wishlist! It not only combines ingredients (heehee!) but also great styling and comes in 27 different colours so it'll look amazing in anyone's kitchen!

After seeing those delicious churros last week on Bake Off, I fancy getting myself a deep fat fryer. Not only will this fry delicious doughnutty treats, but it also does twice cooked chips, another of my super unhealthy loves!

I love to make shortbread, but a nice embossed rolling pin like this Star Wars one would just make it that little bit better!

You can never have too many cookbooks! I only just found out about The Nerdy Mummies Cookbook! Where have I been?!

I love fresh cooked bread and I've only made a cob in the oven before, so a bread maker is a must! I didn't know they were so fancy with scone modes and fruit and nut dispensers!

I must admit that I'm scared to make macarons. I have the recipe, I could easily give it a bash, what's the worst that could happen?! Maybe a macaron mould would help!

And finally, a batter dispenser. It's terribly practical but I'm a dribbler when I try to fill those little cupcake cases or even when I'm making pancakes, so this would probably save me a lot of cleaning up!

So what do you think of my wishlist? Do you have any baking wants or tools you can't do without that I could add to mine?

This post was written in collaboration with Panasonic

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