Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sorsha At 6 Months Old

Six months ago I gave birth to this little cutie but that's all forgotten when I see this wee face!

Just as she did when she was 4 months old, she still amazes me with her progress. Today was her six month review with her Health Visitor (who I'll really miss when we move as she's the ONLY non-judgemental HV I've come across so far). She was absolutely raving about Sorsha and couldn't believe how clever she is! Not only does she tick every box for abilities of 6 month olds, but she can also do everything a 9 month old is expected to do and some things that aren't expected until she's 1! We're so proud of her!

She's now 16lbs 5¼ozs and 65.5cms long, can sit up, roll around and has started bum-scooching. She babbles, can say Hiya and Dada, drink her milk and eat using pincer fingers. She sits unsupported and stands with her hands on the sofa, correcting her balance if she wiggles slightly, although we're there to catch her if she falls. Her sight and hearing are still very good and she responds to her name and follows sounds.

On the down side she's not sleeping as well as she did to start with and is waking during the night to drink a whole 240mls of milk! She sometimes does this in one sitting, but sometimes two or three, which is tiring! And because she drinks around 6 bottles of 240mls a day, she needs her nappy changed quite often!

We're also trying baby-led weaning which is really good fun and it's great to watch her trying things out! So far there's only one thing she didn't like, and that was brussel sprouts. She actually said "Bleurgh" before she spat them out!

She likes lots of things including pasta, toast, bread, cheese and yogurts, especially moussey ones. It's fascinating to watch her inspecting anything new, and she always starts with a disgusted face then changes it if applicable!

We still go to the local buggy walks and we'll miss all of our friends from there when we move. It's still by far the best group I've joined and I really hope there's something similar in our new area. We have already stopped the other groups, and Sorsha passed her Turtle Tots level 1 to get her first swimming badge and she's doing an underwater photoshoot on Monday! We're going to try the local pool classes next as they are a lot cheaper, so hopefully they are as good! She loves to come on walks with us too, and Allan got a LittleLife Voyager S3 backpack carrier which makes it easier to transport her but also allows her to see properly. She's always loved trees, flowers and wildlife and it's so adorable to see her in there!

We had a great time at Sorsha's first Hallowe'en party! I was hoping to make a costume, but I just didn't have the time or tools to hand so she dressed as a pumpkin after laughing out loud at its smiley face in the shop!

We also took her to see a local fireworks display, and despite an initial jump she enjoyed it!

We're really looking forward to the next few months with Sorsha. We move next Friday, so we'll have a new house where she'll have her own room and more space to play, but it'll definitely be more challenging as she becomes more mobile! She'll also experience her first Christmas and if she liked the fireworks, I'm sure she'll love all the lights!

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