Monday, 21 September 2015

Sorsha At 4 Months Old

Wow! Sorsha is 4 months old already! I had planned to write a post at 3 months but that came and went before I had a chance!

So here she is then (just a few days old) and now:

She's an absolute delight (most of the time!) and watching her learn and grow has been fascinating!

She loves eating, much like her parents, and has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now with the exception of a few growth spurts.  She has gone from 8lb 10oz at birth to a stone in weight, has been able to stand from only a few weeks old and had a strong neck from the word go. She has started rolling and there are some signs of teething which I'm not looking forward to!

She slobbers everywhere and sucks her hands which makes it ten times worse! No-one escapes with a dry shoulder after "Sorsha cuddles"!

Her favourite things are Pocoyo, her lion and seeing Daddy when he comes home from work! She's fascinated by the world around her, especially light and trees, and has started chatting and laughing in the most adorable squeaky way! Seeing her cheeky grin and hearing her chuckle are the best things ever!

But it's not all sunshine and roses, Sorsha started fighting sleep about a month ago and so gets very teary sometimes when she's tired. The only way to remedy it is to put her in her bouncer and rock her to sleep. She has also had three colds which are so sad to see, poor baby! Things weren't great after her injections either, she's had three sets now and cried when they were done but the following day is worse, she becomes very agitated and sad. Thank goodness for Calpol!

The best things we've bought or been given are her bouncer, her Jumperoo and her sleeping bag. She sits in her bouncer to watch CBeebies after breakfast, to drink her milk and when she's sleepy. Her Jumperoo is a new purchase and she would sit in there all day if we let her! Sometimes she gets tired and whines but she'll still bounce at the same time! We bought a sleeping bag because we recently started using her cotbed and she kept waking in the middle of the night. She would kick off all the covers and wake up every few hours, so the sleeping bag has saved Allan and I from becoming demented!

Sorsha is still combination feeding, with me breastfeeding mostly in the evenings, if she wakes during the night, and in the morning. Side-by-side feeding is the bomb! She has started to hold her own bottle and we've started weaning. She loves porridge for breakfast, usually fruity or banana, and we're trying out a few other packets and jars. We had hoped to puree meals for her, but our blender left small chunks so we'll stick to packets just now.

We use reusable nappies which are so much less work than they used to be when I was a baby! I prefer Bambooty Basics with microfibre snap-on liners because they are one size fits all with poppers to adjust the size, they're absorbent, colourful and fluffy! We also have Little Lamb one size pocket nappies and use their ultra soft fleecy liners in all our nappies and add one of their boosters to the Bambooty nappy at night time. I find the Bambooty ones easier to take apart for washing and they dry quicker but they're bulkier.

Sorsha has a full week of classes and activities. We do a buggy walk in our local area, a singing and dancing group, baby massage and Turtle Tots swimming classes. Some classes can be expensive, so we try to mix them with free or cheaper groups in our local community centre. I'm so proud of her when she's learning to swim, she's already going underwater without crying!

She's growing up so quickly and it's great to see her change every day!

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