Wednesday, 30 September 2015

5 Essentials For The Perfect Movie Night

Before I had Sorsha I was a big time movie-goer. I'd go at least once a week, often more and catch up on all the new releases. Now that she's here I don't have the freedom to do that anymore so it's important for me to get the best movie-watching experience that I can at home. So when Panasonic asked me to share my movie night essentials, I was more than happy to!

1 - The best screen you can get

There's no way of getting that same big screen experience at home, but you can get pretty close! We have a great projector thanks to Allan and his ability to spend wisely on quality items, unlike me who spends on Lego Minifigures, funky socks and sweeties! But the quality of televisions just gets better and better. I was pretty blown away by the Panasonic Viera in adverts before, but their 4k TV looks amazing.

2 - A movie you agree on

Don't get the night off to a bad start, choose a film that everyone wants to see, or at least doesn't mind watching. We often look at what's available to us, narrow it down to a few, then check them out on IMDB. I don't read professional reviews but when thousands of regular joes rate something, it's usually pretty accurate!

3 - Snacks to share

My top snacks include sweet popcorn, pizza and ice cream washed down with some Pepsi Max. I've tried a few other popcorn flavours in the past, but sweet wins every time. Alternatively make your own flavour with these popcorn making beauties from Amazon (budget dependent!).

Or what about a game of Revel roulette? Take it in turns to pick a Revel out of the bag whilst the lighting is low and see who gets their least favourite. FYI it's toffee for me, coffee is my favourite!

4 - Comfort

One thing you can't change about the cinema is the seats. Sure, I try to get comfy by taking my shoes off and curling up in my seat (but NEVER putting my feet on the seat in front - see my post on A Cinemagoers Guide To Cinema Etiquette) but at home get comfy!

First things first, get those comfies ON! I'm talking joggers, hoodies, definitely pyjamas with some fluffy socks, whatever you feel relaxed in.

Next up, seating arrangements. I'm all about comfort, so this is my sofa...

...lounging to the max! Drag all the cushions, blankets, beanbags, remote controls, children and pets together and get snuggled in!

5 - No distractions (almost!)

Whilst I hate distractions in the cinema (again, see Etiquette) at home you can have toilet breaks, tea breaks, crying baby breaks. But please, shove the phones, tablets and laptops in a corner somewhere and just enjoy two hours of adventure, romance, sci-fi, horror or whatever, together.

Are you all set now? Or have I missed something off my list? Let me know your essentials for a movie night at home!

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