Friday, 24 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 5: Going Swimming

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Spotty Frill Swimsuit

I'm not a great swimmer so I was always keen for Sorsha to learn to swim from a young age and practice regularly. At 8 weeks old she started a local Turtle Tots swimming group and I was so proud! At this stage the classes are more about building confidence in the water than actual swimming, but you can see that each part of the lesson helps them to become good swimmers.

Her class has stopped for the school holidays, so Allan and I took her to the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen for some practice. I showed Allan the techniques we learn in class and we each took a turn with Sorsha whilst the other one swam. Fitness for the whole family!

No photos from the pool obviously but lots of people commented on how cute she was!


  1. Danielle Eskdale25 July 2015 at 20:18

    Just look at that little stunner! Loving catching up with these posts - shes so fashionable!
    Hope youre all well xo

  2. Thanks Danielle! She's much cooler than I was as a baby, or any other time really! :D x


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