Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 2: Going For A Walk In The Sunshine

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Sunshine T-shirt and Shorts Set / Cute Pop-ons

The sun is shining here in Aberdeen today which is great because Tuesday is Buggy Walk day! A group of local parents and other carers take our little ones out for a stroll around the local area, followed by tea and biscuits and a chat afterwards. It's my favourite of all the groups we take part in because it's casual, free and a great way to share information and advice.

Mummy's Little Sunshine had great fun with this outfit, especially the little pop-on shoes! I took some photos, turned around, and they were sat neatly next to her bare feet as she laughed! I tried to put them on her again, and the same thing happened! Obviously it's too warm for shoes today!

This outfit is really comfortable and cool, great for days like this. Pair it up with your sunnies and you're ready to rock!


  1. She looks so happy and cool with her sunnies! xx

  2. She's a little dude! I bought the sunglasses because they were cute, but they also stop her screwing her eyes up in the sunshine! x


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