Monday, 27 July 2015

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. We had a play date with our buggy walk group and Sorsha sat in a highchair unsupported. That may not sound like a lot, but she's getting to be so strong and growing so quickly!

2. Finding sneaky hidden kittens around the house! This is Jack under my pillow and I had no idea he was there until I leaned on it!

3. Salted Caramel Häagen-Dazs tastes so good!

4. I'm getting far too addicted to Pokemini. I can't be the only "grown up" that plays it surely? Anyone?!

5. Allan is on holiday for a couple of weeks so it's great spending all my time with my two favourites.

6. The Last Man On Earth is our latest viewing pleasure, Kristen Schaal is always awesome.

7. Another family event this week, this time it was my sister's birthday so we all went out for a meal then had this ace jammie dodger cake!

8. I went to Dundee to visit friends who have just moved house. I also bumped into another friend who's over from Northern Ireland but used to stay in Dundee and it made me miss living there. Anyway, we went out for a meal and I got this MASSIVE face-sized slice of cheesecake!

9. Despite all the ice cream, cake and cheesecake, I've managed to get down to 11 stone 11 weeks after having Sorsha! I was 13 and a half stone just before I gave birth so I'm pretty chuffed with myself!

Have a happy week everyone!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

And The Winner Of The Roald Dahl Giveaway Is...

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway to win the awesome "The Enormous Crocodile" Roald Dahl cushion from House Of Fraser! I do genuinely appreciate you taking the time to join in, and I'm so glad one of you has won such an awesome prize!

So without further ado, the winner, who was randomly generated by Rafflecopter, is...

Ana Fountouli

Congratulations Ana, this little beauty will be winging its way to you shortly (the cushion, not Sorsha)!

Sorry to those that didn't win, but you can buy this cushion or another from the Roald Dahl collection at House Of Fraser.

#WBabyWT - Day 7: Going Nowhere

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Bunny Frill Sleepsuit

Sometimes Sunday's are for chilling out in your pyjamas, watching TV, with all the necessities within arms reach! Whilst Allan and I tidied the house, Sorsha had a nice relaxing day watching Pocoyo, drinking milk, and getting lots of cuddles in this fleecy sleepsuit! She was like a little teddy bear!

I love all the little details on this, the frills and embroidery and the fluffy bunnies!

Just look at that smile!

We've had such a great week showing you these outfits from George At Asda, and it's given us lots of cute pictures of Sorsha! I genuinely love George's baby range, most of Sorsha's clothes are bought there, because they are cute and stylish and the prices are great. And now they have a whole load of new season items to choose from!

What's been your favourite outfit from Sorsha's #WBabyWT?

#WBabyWT - Day 6: Going To The Beach

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Stripe Hooded Romper

The weather is a bit changeable at the moment so we took the opportunity to head to the beach while it was sunny. Look at that excited face!

I've got to say that I LOVE this romper suit! It's just so cute! I love that it's soft and cuddly, the lovely colour, the little pocket, the fact it has poppers at the top and bottom, the pretty sleeves, her little chubby legs showing, and that Sorsha thinks she's Rocky with the hood up!

We're both big fans of walks along the beach and we are lucky that there are so many nice beaches close to us. Sorsha has been a few times already and loves getting the sand between her toes too!

Friday, 24 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 5: Going Swimming

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Spotty Frill Swimsuit

I'm not a great swimmer so I was always keen for Sorsha to learn to swim from a young age and practice regularly. At 8 weeks old she started a local Turtle Tots swimming group and I was so proud! At this stage the classes are more about building confidence in the water than actual swimming, but you can see that each part of the lesson helps them to become good swimmers.

Her class has stopped for the school holidays, so Allan and I took her to the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen for some practice. I showed Allan the techniques we learn in class and we each took a turn with Sorsha whilst the other one swam. Fitness for the whole family!

No photos from the pool obviously but lots of people commented on how cute she was!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 4: Going To A Birthday Party

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Stripe dress

Today we went to see Auntie Marie to celebrate her birthday so this pretty party dress was perfect! I absolutely love the colours, the mixed stripes and the grosgrain ribbon bow. It's perfect and I would love one in my size!

We went out for a family meal then back to Marie's house for prosecco, tea and cake!

And what an awesome cake it was, a massive Jammie Dodger! Although it looked the part, it's actually sponge cake inside, but hey, a cake's a cake!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 3: Going To A Bookbug Session

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Dotty Dress

Today we went to a Bookbug session at our local library. In Scotland, the Scottish Book Trust provides children with books from birth and they run sessions with stories, songs and nursery rhymes which they can also attend.

Sorsha has been a member of the library since she was about 4 weeks old and we regularly take out books to read to her. She likes to look at the pictures, and when we return books we get Bookbug stickers on a card so she can earn certificates!

Sorsha has another little cotton dress like this from George At Asda and they're brilliant because they're cute and light so they're great for summer, but they can be worn with leggings or tights and a cardigan if she gets a bit cold. Also, they cost next to nothing!

Even Napoleon was jealous!

If you or your little one love books why not enter my Roald Dahl cushion giveaway?!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 2: Going For A Walk In The Sunshine

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Sunshine T-shirt and Shorts Set / Cute Pop-ons

The sun is shining here in Aberdeen today which is great because Tuesday is Buggy Walk day! A group of local parents and other carers take our little ones out for a stroll around the local area, followed by tea and biscuits and a chat afterwards. It's my favourite of all the groups we take part in because it's casual, free and a great way to share information and advice.

Mummy's Little Sunshine had great fun with this outfit, especially the little pop-on shoes! I took some photos, turned around, and they were sat neatly next to her bare feet as she laughed! I tried to put them on her again, and the same thing happened! Obviously it's too warm for shoes today!

This outfit is really comfortable and cool, great for days like this. Pair it up with your sunnies and you're ready to rock!

Monday, 20 July 2015

#WBabyWT - Day 1: Going To A Playdate With Friends

All this week, in conjunction with George At Asda, Sorsha will be modelling some cute outfits supplied by them from their range and showing you What Baby Wore Today! Join in by using the hashtag #WBabyWT

Dotty Dress and Leggings Set / Broderie Anglaise Bow Sandals

Today Sorsha and I went to a local play centre called Hoodles Playbarn with our friends from a local buggy walk group. We'd never been before so weren't sure what to expect but it has a nice big soft play area with a section for under 2s.

Afterwards we went to visit Granny and Granda and they loved Sorsha's little outfit, saying matched the colour of her eyes perfectly! I think she really suits this too and I love all the detail.

The shoes were a little too big for her tiny feet, which is why she always ends up wearing socks, but they're so pretty!

It seems to have the big thumbs up from Sorsha too!

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. I went a little over the top buying outfits for Sorsha in the Disney Store sale but they're really cute and great quality.

2. My old one died so I had to buy a new laptop. I kind of grudge it because the other one was only a couple of years old, but I love my shiny new one!

3. We've discovered that Sorsha loves Pocoyo and she smiles and giggles as she watches it. It doesn't hurt that we kinda like it too!

4. Massive strawberry tarts. Nom!

5. I'm so happy about my Roald Dahl giveaway. I actually love this cushion!

6. I've been working my way through the Hairy Dieters book and this recipe is definitely my favourite so far, Minted Pea & Feta Omelettes.

7. It was my brother's birthday this week so we had a family get-together. It's always nice to have a catchup and we always have a good laugh. Everyone loves to see Sorsha and it gave her the opportunity to wear one of her pretty Disney dresses!

8. Cinebabies this week was Ant-Man. I wasn't sure about it but it was actually really good! Why would I doubt the good people at Marvel?!

9. I had my first night out since Sorsha was born, which I was both excited about and dreading! I've lost a bit of weight, so it was nice to wear something I felt good in, but I was worried I'd never last in heels! But I did myself proud, even after pitchers of cocktails and a few shots, before making my way home with a bag of Nutella cookies from the late night baker!

Have a happy week everyone!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

What's On Sorsha's Bookshelf? A Literary Collection & Giveaway

When I found out I was pregnant, one thing I couldn't wait to do was to read stories to our child, so I started to put together a collection of great books.

Being a big vintage fan I raided my own collection first.

Dick Bruna has always been a favourite of mine. I love the simplicity of the artwork and the bright colours. This is the kind of thing that Sorsha loves right now.

Another childhood favourite was Richard Scarry, and although I felt his illustrations usually had something slightly sinister about them, they fascinated me. When I look at these books I get a very strong nostalgic feeling.

I bought this fantastic collection of 33 Disney books for next to nothing at a car boot sale, which is the best place to get great vintage books of any sort for a reasonable price, and every kid loves Disney don't they?!

But what childhood is complete without the wonderful stories of Enid Blyton? These books (except for the big one at the back) are mostly stories with very little illustration so these will be great for when she's a little older. Just now she's all about pictures! What I love about reading is that everyone can read the same text but where our imagination takes us is completely unique. I love to think that Sorsha's bedtime stories will turn into wonderful dreams or inspire her creativity.

Along with these books I have passed on classics like Alice In Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Black Beauty and some Ladybird books.

Babies in the Scotland are given free books from birth through the Scottish Book Trust. Sorsha received her first book from the Health Visitor a couple of weeks after we came home and she's just received more with her first immunisations. Her first book, Baby, I Love You, is so sweet!

But something is missing from her classic author with one of the best imaginations there are...

...Roald Dahl! I've read some of the stories which he had written for adults but I think Matilda would still have to be my favourite so his books will be the next addition to Sorsha's collection.

Speaking of Roald Dahl, I have some great news! The good people at House Of Fraser have given me a fantastic "The Enormous Crocodile" book-shaped cushion for one of you lovely lot to win!

I'm really sorry overseas readers, this one's UK and Ireland only I'm afraid, but I'd love to hear about your favourite children's books too! The winner will be announced next Sunday (26th July 2015) so get your entries in quick! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

♥ This Week(ish)'s Loves ♥

After my laptop breaking I'm playing catchup, so here goes...

1. Sorsha's first trip to the cinema. Being a big fan of movies I always knew I'd like to take Sorsha to Cinebabies at Cineworld and it was great for both of us! I even blogged about it here.

2. We also had Sorsha's first swimming lesson. We joined a local group called Turtle Tots and there were a few tears but she did really well. How cute is her little watermelon costume?!

3. I love ASDA's summer range of veggie food. Having been a vegetarian for 24 years I've become bored of most of the usual options, so it's always good when you find something completely different. The meat-free bbq pulled pork and mac 'n' cheese donut burgers were delicious!

4. After Panda died I distanced myself from the other guinea pigs a bit. I know it's because I was afraid of anything happening to them too but I've been spending more time with them. I love how Napoleon is behaving like Panda, giving me a kiss when I put food in the cage and generally keeping the others in check!

5. I'm getting a bit annoyed with my hair so I mixed it up a little by using my wand to add curls. Although it doesn't look as impressive in this photo I was really glad of the change and loved how it looked.

6. My baby weight continued to frustrate me so as well as having a wardrobe clearout I've been going on regular walks with Sorsha. It's really helping my fitness level and there are some really beautiful and peaceful places in my area.

7. I've also been cooking lots of healthier meals, mainly using the Hairy Dieters cook book. The recipes have been much tastier than I expected, check out some of the results in my Instagram feed.

8. We've had such mixed weather recently, so we took the opportunity on a recent sunny day to have Sorsha's first proper day at the beach. Last time she slept through it, but this time she could look around and she even felt the sand between her tiny toes!

9. I'm always very critical of pictures of myself but this photo which Allan took and tinkered with is one of my faves!

Have a happy week everyone!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Normal Service Has Returned!

Yippee! After my laptop breaking and all the fun during the thunderstorm, we're back in business!

Unfortunately I had to fork out for a new laptop but, hey, it could have been worse. At least the sales are on so I got a nice cheap one for a decent price. Hopefully this one'll last a bit longer!

Anyway, I have a backlog of posts in my head so it's time to get to blogging!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Normal Service Shall Resume Shortly...

I'm having technical issues. In fact it seems the whole house is.

Long story short, my laptop is knackered. I'd use Allan's PC but that is also knackered. Trying to blog using your mobile isn't the greatest.

We had a thunder storm two days ago as I was at home with Sorsha and there was probably the loudest crack of thunder I think I've ever heard. It was enough to give me a scare (and I usually love thunderstorms) although Sorsha was much braver and didn't even flinch!

Immediately after there was a flash in our living room which turned out to be a power surge, popping lots of electrical goodies as it went. That was even with a surge-proof adaptor!

Anyway, we're in the process of sorting it out and should be up and running shortly!

Karen x
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