Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 36 Weeks

I've been trying to write this post for 2 weeks but the tiredness and having the cold and trying to get finished up at work has taken over!

Not a great picture this time (and that mirror needs a clean) but I'm getting BIG! I've put on a total of two and a half stone which is apparently at the upper end of acceptable weight gain during pregnancy! That better be a lot of water in there!

Time is flying by at the moment and it's pretty scary that in a maximum of 6 weeks baby will be here! It's strange to think that any day now I could go into labour, but I try not to think about that too much!

Since my last post we've had Mother's Day, where I got the sweetest card from "bump" that totally sent me into a puddle of joy-filled tears...

...we packed our hospital case...

...and attended all four antenatal classes. It was really good to get advice and information from the midwives, but also to discuss things with other people sharing the same hopes and fears, and it was a really comfortable environment to ask questions.

How I'm Feeling

I'm getting pretty uncomfortable now with pain in my back and the top of my bump. My hands and feet are swelling up and walking has been reduced to a shuffley-waddle at slow speed as the weight of my bump slows me down. I bought a maternity support belt yesterday and it has definitely helped but as I'll still gain weight until baby arrives I imagine this is how I'll be until then!

What I'm Wearing

My wardrobe is still reducing as baby gets bigger and my maternity leggings and dresses are pretty much all that fit comfortably at the moment! I'm into larger work trousers but they don't really have any support under the bump. I only have a week left though so I'll cope!
What I'm Eating

Little and often is what they recommend at this stage because there's not a lot of room in there for heavy meals!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

What Would You Do With A Day All To Yourself?

During a week off work recently I kept one day completely free to do whatever I wanted and it was bliss! It's so rare to have a full day where I can be totally selfish with my time so I thought I'd share it with you!

Here's how it went:

10:00am -  Time to get ready after a lovely long snooze, y'know the ones where you actually naturally wake up and feel good? One of those!

11:00am - Allan dropped me off and I headed to the cinema. I used to go at least one or twice a week and I've been missing it, so I went to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel. I love these films, so uplifting and enlightening.

1:30pm - For my birthday my friends and family gave me vouchers for a much needed Mother-To-Be massage at Pure Spa so I booked myself in and it felt great. The bed was heated and there were extra pillows to make sure I was comfy when laying on my sides. I could have fallen asleep!

3:00pm - Feeling mega relaxed and content, I satisfied a craving by heading to Yo! Sushi for some lunch. Nom!

4:00pm - I've been very good lately and haven't bought much of anything that isn't baby related, so I allowed myself a very small budget for treats. Here's what I bought:

Clockwise: Penguin pyjama case £2, button trinket box £1.50, Shower cap £1.50, floral false nails £1, panda phone cover £1, set of three pairs of panda socks £1, toothbrush holder £4, all from Primark except the trinket box and toothbrush holder which were from BHS. (If you haven't seen my post on how ace BHS's current range is take a look here!

I also got these cute new shoes from Primark for £3! What a great day of bargain hunting!

6:00pm - Starting to feel tired I headed back to the cinema to see The Kingsman. If you haven't seen it, you should see it. No spoilers, but it's ace! Oh, and Colin Firth.

8:00pm - It was time to head home but hang on, I had another food craving. Next thing I know I'm staying classy by eating a delicious Burger King on the bus home!

How does that sound? What would you do with a complete day to yourself?

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The High Street Store I've Rediscovered

What do you think of when you think about high street store BHS?

It's a shop I haven't been in for aaaggeess because I've always thought of it as an older ladies shop, somewhere full of knitwear and cross-your-heart bras.

But when we were in Edinburgh recently we walked down Princess Street in the evening and their window display got me yearning to visit.

You know that Big And Bold Wallpaper Inspiration post I did recently?  Well it was just like that, but in soft furnishings and trinkets!

WARNING: Contains many, many exclamation marks!

I mean, this round bird cushion has tassles, lace, embroidery and a sweet slogan. You can't beat that!

Look at that bedding! It's 50% off right now! And these throws and cushions appeal to my love of all the bright colours!

Let's not restrict this colourful extravaganza to the bedroom, I need to cheer up my bathroom with these towels and accessories!

And top it all off with bright lights and kitsch picnic-ware! If only I had all the monies to make by house this pretty!

Do you have a store that you've re-discovered lately? What do you think of these BHS ranges?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 32 Weeks

We're down to single figures, only 8 weeks to go! That is actually really scary!

It's been a busy 3 weeks!

After my last midwife appointment I was given iron tablets as I'm anaemic and I had a flu jab. Ouch! But that's the only semi-bad bits!

We got some lovely hand-knitted cardigans from a colleague at work, how cute are these little penguin buttons?!

And after a bit of a faff we got a cotbed mattress! It was the third one I'd ordered as there were problems with the first two and I was beginning to think that baby would be here before we got one! We've left the plastic on to discourage the cats from sleeping on it, then we can air it for a couple of weeks before putting the bedding on.

I've been pampered a bit lately and I reckon I've earned it! I had my first hair cut for about 6 months with a conditioning treatment, had my eyebrows threaded, my toenails gel polished and I had a Mother-To-Be massage at Pure Spa after receiving vouchers for my birthday last Monday.

And because it was my birthday I took the whole week off work and spent it just how I wanted! Allan and I had a lovely little trip to Edinburgh, I caught up on cinema visits, had afternoon tea with family, baked and shopped and slept and ate! I had a great time!

How I'm Feeling

I'm starting to get some niggles in my back, hips, legs and feet and sometimes I can't exert myself much at all before becoming tired and breathless. I felt fantastic after my massage but the effects didn't last forever! Baby has been kicking like mad and it takes me by surprise how energetic it is sometimes! It's also weird (but in a really good way!) rubbing my belly and feeling an elbow or foot sticking out!

What I'm Wearing

Just the same old stuff! My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as bump gets bigger and bigger and I can't wait to buy normal clothes again! I have to delete all fashion emails and avoid looking in clothes shops as I just see things I want but shouldn't buy yet! Only a few months left to wait til I'm out of maternity gear I suppose!

What I'm Eating

I'm almost back to normal with my eating, returning to foods which I ate pre-pregnancy with no real cravings. I'm still pretty thirsty though.

How does this compare to you at 32 weeks?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Emma's Diary Goody Bags Review

During my week off last week I went to collect my goody bags from Emma's Diary.

Emma's Diary is a helpful website for wannabe-parents, parents-to-be and, well, parents, giving advice, tools and discounts.

When I signed up and downloaded the app, they gave me three vouchers to claim these packs from either Boots or Argos. I'd heard that they were good, so off I toddled to my nearest Argos and picked them up.

I thought it might be helpful to share what's in them, so here we go!:

Mum To Be Selection Pack

Contents: Johnson's Newborn Essentials Pack including extra sensitive wipes (full size 56 wipes), 100ml baby oil, 50ml baby top-to-toe bath and 16.5g baby nappy cream. Also 15g Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter, a bubble pack sample of Bio-Oil.

Leaflets on: Johnson's Guide To The First 10 Days, Palmer's range, Graze boxes, Ocado delivery, Mumsurvey and Boots Parenting Club.

This pack seems like the most handy to me. The Johnson's guide will be a quick reminder on basics like bathing, massaging, feeding, and the sample sizes will be handy for chucking in baby's nappy bag.

Bump To Baby Selection Pack

Contents: Pampers New Baby pack including a nappy, 12 wipes, information and a £1 off coupon. A Fairy Liquitab, 2 x Lansinoh nursing pads, 15g Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment and 3 x Always Dailies pantyliners with a 50p off coupon.

Leaflets on: Pregnacare supplements, Mumsurvey, Ocado delivery, Fairy, Metanium, Hello Fresh boxes, Pen Wizard personalised children's books, and vouchers for PixiFoto, Paper Shaker and The White Company.

Again there are a few handy samples in here but a lot of the leaflets aren't of interest to me. I  thought the PixiFoto vouchers would be handy, but the Ts and Cs are pretty restrictive. The Paper Shaker one looks good though, 25% off baby announcement cards, but unfortunately The White Company one is out of date.

Family Selection Pack

Contents: Pampers Active Fit pack including a nappy, 12 wipes, information and a £1 off coupon. A Fairy Liquitab, 2 x Lansinoh nursing pads, 15g Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter and 4 different Tena Lights liners.

Leaflets on: Pregnacare supplements, Ocado delivery, Fairy, Graze boxes, Hello Fresh boxes, The Baby Show, Boots Parenting Club and Camp Atlantique holidays.

A lot of the samples are the same in this pack as the others, and it's a bit of a mix. Some of the contents are aimed at expectant parents, some at new families, and I'd say the holiday information would suit families with toddlers.

Don't get me wrong, these packs will come in handy and I love to try new products, but I think the Mum to Be pack is the best (also contents of packs may vary!).

Have you collected your Emma's Diary packs? What did you think?

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