Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 27 Weeks

Here we are in week 27! Only 13 more to go!

I didn't really notice a difference in my size from individual photos but then I see this comparison:

I've gone up a size in work trousers and will have to invest in some longer vests as they keep riding up!

We saw the midwife a couple of weeks ago and all is well, our next appointment is in a couple of weeks and I have to get a whooping cough injection and blood test, neither of which I'm looking forward to!

We have our antenatal classes booked and they start in March and my maternity leave begins around a month later!

The cotbed arrived recently and we are currently working on what to put in the hospital bag and the essentials we'll need straight from hospital.

How I'm Feeling

This last week in particular it has really hit me how tired and achy I'm becoming.  Working 9 hour days on random shifts is taking its toll and my legs, feet and back are sore. If I stand for too long it's sore, if I sit for too long it's sore, I can't win!

Baby has been kicking like mad! Allan can clearly feel it when he puts his hand on my stomach and he loves it! Baby is now roughly 37cms/14.5 inches long and weighs about 900g so there's no surprise that it's filling up the space!

I still have restless legs and I get out of breath quickly if I try to do too much, but it's good that my body is telling me to slow down!

What I'm Wearing

I'm still pretty much just wearing my work uniform then changing into my comfies or pyjamas when I get home. But for those times when I do leave the house, I bought this cute fox jumper in the sale at Primark and I'm in the process of getting some new jeans as my restless legs do not enjoy my black skinnies anymore!

I had my work's Christmas night out last weekend and I wish I'd taken a photo of my outfit! It was essentially a black dress with white spots and a white cardigan, but it was nice to get dressed up and I did my hair using my new hair wand my team bought for me Christmas.

What I'm Eating

ALL THE ICE POLES! I can't get enough of ice, icicles and ice poles right now. It's the coldness, the crunching, the hydration, the whole shebang! I'm also eating a lot of clementines and drinking loads of fruit juice and water, I feel like I'm from The Faculty or Big Fish!

How does this compare to you at 27 weeks? Are there any products that you would recommend I buy? I'd love to hear your experiences too!

Pregnancy Update - Baby Bird Guest Post With Allan!

I thought it would be a nice idea to let Allan write a guest post about his experiences of the pregnancy so far. I'll let you decide if it was a good idea or not..!

So, Karen asked me to write on her blog to give you all an insight into my perspective of our pregnancy. We've talked about me being a guest blogger before and the idea always appealed. Who knows, maybe I'll get a regular spot?

I guess I'll start when I found out about our bundle to be. Although we spoke about having a baby I had only recently found out we were trying (as opposed to practicing). We both knew we wanted to have babies and that we weren't getting any younger. (especially Karen, she's older than me! What a cougar!) I told her that when she felt she was ready, to go ahead and come off contraception, to keep it a secret and not let me know. She's not very good with secrets though and I soon found out! What was a real surprise was not long after that I came home to a little card to open. It had a cute picture of tiny person and a note to say that we were pregnant and how happy she was. It ranks up there with some of the best days in my life! If you regularly read Karen's blog you've probably read about a few of the others.

Since becoming pregnant Karen has become grumpy, abusive and regularly subjects me to emotional and physical battering. Nope that's a lie, I've heard many a horror story but she's been amazing. Despite the fact that I know she's uncomfortable at times and gets some obviously painful cramps she powers on through. We've been very fortunate and she's avoided any of the more unpleasant symptoms of parasite infestation! Sorry I really shouldn't refer to our darling little package yet to be received in such derogatory terms!

Speaking of said package it's been such a great adventure getting to see our baby on the hospital radar! I keep hoping to see Red October at the same time but sadly it eludes me (some of you will get this!). The first scan showed that our baby had an amazing powerful little heart despite only being 8 weeks old and the size of a peanut. The subsequent scan showed us more of a baby shape and it all became a bit more real when Karen was asked to cough and this little person started to jump and kick, I honestly couldn't breath as I watched it move.

At our last scan around 20 weeks we really got to see a baby shape and so much more detail like a little button nose, tiny adorable feet, little hands and the cold and unflinching eyes of the Terminator! *chills*

When I saw our first scans I was convinced we were having a boy but on the last scan something told me it was going to be a girl. The fact is though, we don't know and are choosing to have a surprise! I'm glad because it's restraining Karen's natural impulse to buy everything pink/blue she can get her hands on! Although I'd really like to have a daughter I'll be over the moon no matter what we get.

I've been full on nesting. Clearing space, de-junking and building the cot. I'm really enjoying the whole process. I'm excited to start our baby survival classes, I believe we're being briefed by Auntie Natal, whoever she is!?

I'm really looking forward to being a parent, a father and a role model. I have some pretty good examples of how to a be great father from my own experiences growing up with my dad. If I do half as good a job as him I'll be doing OK! I'm excited about everything to come even the nappies, late nights and teething. Whether I'll feel the same dealing with all the trials and tribulations remains to be seen. I think I'll do just fine though, especially with someone as wonderful as Karen by my side.

Monday, 5 January 2015

My ̶R̶e̶s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ Wishes For 2015

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 will be a big year for Allan and I and lots of you too, so I hope you all have a great year!

Last year I wished that I'd finish the renovations on my flat, do more for charity and get healthy, and I'd say I've done all three (almost!)!

I did the majority of work to my flat but cash soon ran out and although the bathroom isn't complete it's totally liveable. I would say I'm healthier, I slimmed down a lot this year after changing from a desk job to one where I'm more physically active, Allan and I did a lot of walking, and the pregnancy has me craving all kinds of good things like fruit and veg and plenty of fluids. I also joined by local community centre committee as their Social Media Co-ordinator and became a volunteer for cancer care charity CLAN. So, I think 2014 was quite successful and our engagement and pregnancy were the cherry on the cake!

Here are my wishes for 2015:

To give birth to a healthy baby

That's an obvious one really! Our first baby is due on 26th April and we can't wait to meet the little one!

To move to a bigger house

We've had a few delays in selling my flat in Dundee so we're stuck in our one-bedroomed flat until we're in a position to buy somewhere. Ideally we're looking for a little sanctuary in the countryside with enough room for the baby, cats and piggies to run around!

To blog more

Yeah, I wasn't that great at blogging in 2014. I didn't write as many posts as I'd like and I didn't really do as much stuff as I'd like to then write about it. When I go on maternity leave I hope to be able to take a year off and get blogging!

Fingers crossed! What are your wishes for 2014?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 24 Weeks

This is me and Corn (apparently baby is the length of an ear of corn!) at 24 weeks and steadily increasing in size!

As mentioned in my last post, we were just a few days away from our 20 week scan, our last chance to see baby before it's here! It's amazing to see how formed baby looks! Look at that little nose, tiny foot and scary Terminator face! I'm pretty sure it isn't a cyborg though..! The sonographer checked baby thoroughly for anything unusual and everything looks fine!

Allan rearranged the bedroom to fit the new cotbed we have ordered, and Mum and Dad took us shopping for our travel system today, so it's all getting very real! Now that Christmas and New Year have passed and there are only 16 weeks to go we need to get organised!

Here's the travel system we went for:

We opted for the Hauck Winnie the Pooh Shop N Drive Travel System from Babies R Us because it was the easiest to use, lightest and most comprehensive system within our budget.

The advice I was given was to look for one with a raincover and footmuff, with swivel wheels, room for shopping and a changing bag with mat if possible. We wanted one which was a car seat, pram and buggy and would suit any gender because we won't know until baby is here what sex it is, and also we'd ideally keep it for a second child.

I had quite fancied one where the top is removable and the components are interchangeable and clipped into place, but after trying them out in stores today I completely changed my mind. After trying a few out I felt that this style (where the car seat sits on top of the pram/buggy) was lighter and easier to use.

This Hauck one was easier to collapse and expand, and it was easier to remove the car seat and adjust the seating position than the other models I tried. It ticks every box on our wish list, is compact when collapsed so it fits neatly into the car, and it has a drink holder and tray for me!

As well as the cotbed and travel system we've started to buy the basic bits and bobs which we'll need straight away when the baby is born. This is where I'm glad I don't know if baby is a boy or a girl, I would have spent a fortune on all the cute outfits I've seen! I bought some neutral vests, sleepsuits, mitts, hats etc which will be sufficient for the first few days. We also have a hooded towel, changing mat, thermometer for the bedroom and bedding which we've bought and we've been gifted some other bits and bobs already.

Later this week we have another midwife appointment where we'll be given our MAT B1 form so we can organise maternity leave and pay, and get information on antenatal classes.

How I'm Feeling

I've definitely felt plenty of movement these last few weeks which is a weird sensation but great at the same time!

On the downside I've started to feel more aches and pains than before. I walk a lot at work and my feet and legs are getting tired and sore and I'm getting restless legs which drives me insane! It's also getting difficult to bend and stretch as my bump grows and I get sore hips when I sleep on my side. I've bought a pillow to put between my knees in bed and that helps a bit, but sleeping on my back is preferable (when my back doesn't hurt, that is!).

It's all bearable at the moment though and I still feel pretty good overall!

What I'm Wearing

I'm back to my usual workwear now that Christmas has passed but my trousers are a bit snug so it's time to go up a size! I'm hoping my cosy winter jumper will do for a few weeks til the temperature increases and I can get back to some lighter clothes and dresses!

What I'm Eating

I still love drinking milk, lots of milk, but my current craving is for ice poles and icicles and ice cubes! I found these mini Fabs at work, yum!

How does this compare to you at 24 weeks? Are there any products that you would recommend I buy? I'd love to hear your experiences too!

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