Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Blogger Event

I recently attended my first proper blogger event! Very exciting!

I haven't been to The Body Shop for ages, for no real reason, I've always liked their products but haven't really been shopping in Aberdeen that much recently with the flat taking over my finances! So I thought this would be a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with some old favourites and their new Christmas range.

I was introduced to Ginette who showed me around and told me all about The Body Shop including their War Child campaign to bring education to children in war-torn areas through sales of certain gifts from their Christmas range.

Talking about their Christmas range, it's fantastic! 

The gift sets are really nicely packaged and there are plenty of sizes, prices and smells to choose from!

I really wanted this musical tin and their advent calendar which was full of fantastic products, but I had set a budget before I went in to stop me from spending too much on myself!

And these were too cute for me to use!

They also have three wonderfully festive ranges based on three delicious scents - Frosted Cranberry, Glazed Apple and Vanilla  Brulee. It's a tough choice...

Whilst I contemplated my purchases, Charlotte introduced me to their new beauty lines including their new Nutriganics range where every product is at least 98% organic.

She showed me a few of her favourite products throughout the store and the new season's make-up range, including the super cute lip and cheek doll!

Then it was my turn for a makeover! I love getting my make-up done and I always ask loads of questions because when I try it myself I want it to look as good!

Charlotte did a great job and gave me a nice subtle but pretty look. She used Shimmer Waves in Bronze to contour my cheeks, then an All In One Cheek Colour and an All-In-One Instablur Eye Primer before applying colours from the Warm Shimmer Cube Palette and some liner to my eyes.

Chuffed and feeling pretty I did some shopping and collected my goodie bag before sashaying home!

So here's my haul (almost):

I forgot to include the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion in the picture, so I'll start with that. One word review - WOW! I've used microdermabrasion products in the past and this one is great! The particles are so tiny and you can really feel them working on your skin. It leaves your skin tingly and feeling flushed but be gentle or it can leave you feeling a bit raw!

The Vanilla Brulee Hand Lotion and Glazed Apple Body Butter smell delicious and give the usual luxurious feel that you'd expect from The Body Shop, but they both seem to be sold out online!

The Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray is fantastic for my weary pregnant lady feet! It leaves your tootsies smelling great and feeling fresh and cool.

My sample of the Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel Oil is long gone, but you apply it to your skin as a gel to remove makeup before adding water and rinsing off and my skin loves it! It really softens and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

The Born Lippy Pomegranate Balm has a really soft red tint and isn't sticky like some sticks I've tried recently.

The Red Musk Perfume Oil has a great tobacco scent, which sounds a bit weird, but smells great! It includes a dabber to apply it to your neck or pulse points.

And the one product that caught my eye as soon as I arrive at the store was the Vanilla Brulee Sparkler, which is a superfine glitter spray that smells amazing and looks fantastic!

The Body Shop have had fantastic deals running up to Christmas and their current promotion is £15 off when you spend £30. With free delivery when you spend only £5 it's a great opportunity to get those last minute gifts or treat yourself to some of their fantastic products!

Let me know what your favourite Body Shop products are or what you treat yourself to this Christmas!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pregnancy Update: Baby Bird At 20 Weeks

20 weeks already! Whaaat?!

In the tradition of naming the baby after the fruit it's the size of, this is me and banana!

We recently visited the midwife and got to hear banana's heartbeat! It was nice and strong but there's a lot of wriggling going on in there! Next week we have our 20 week scan and we can't wait, although it's weird to think that's the last time we'll see baby before it arrives!

How I'm Feeling

I'm feeling good! The nausea has gone completely, I'm a bit tired and have twinges in my back and belly at times, but I'm generally feeling pretty good! I'm starting to feel some movement in there too!

What I'm Wearing

Mostly just work clothes and cosy pyjamas! This month we are wearing Christmas jumpers to work which is way comfier and much more fun than my usual uniform!

Otherwise, when I have to actually dress properly and leave the house, my pre-maternity wardrobe has crossed over and my uniform of black skinny jeans, tops and cardigans is still there, just with cosy big sections for the bump!

What I'm Eating

My appetite is pretty much back, although I'm still eating smaller portions. Current favourites include drinking milk and eating nuts. I'd include mince pies, Christmas cake and stollen in there, but I do that every year at this time!

I'd still love to hear from fellow maternity bloggers (I've already heard from a few) so feel free to get in touch! Also let me know if there's anything I've missed that you'd like to know about or how this compares to your experience!

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