Sunday, 10 August 2014

More New Additions!

It doesn't seem that long ago since I told you all about our last new addition Woody the guinea pig, who is now a not so little 6 month old and squeaky champion!

But now we have two more pets! I introduce to you, for your viewing pleasure, Jack and Meg!

We took these little bundles of fur home with us in June, and they were a great distraction whilst I was off work for a few weeks (see Redundancy And Me). I can't believe how much they've grown already!

They're about 13 weeks old now and causing a riot! They're little explorers, looking, sniffing and licking everything in sight and everything that can be moved has been moved, mostly until it reaches an edge and falls on the floor! The curtains have been climbed, the flowers tipped over, the toilet roll completely pulled out all over the bathroom, these little cuties get into everything! But they are so adorable I can't get angry with them.

Jack (left) likes to sniff flowers, hide in bags and playfully paw at guinea pigs. Meg likes to walk at your feet, chase her tail and suckle people which is a lovely but painful way to show affection. They both like to investigate cupboards, sleep on the amp or the towels in the bathroom, and they both love the smell of feet.

I was always a dog person with no interest whatsoever in cats but these tiny dudes have changed my mind. I'm 100% on board the Kitty Committee!

The kitties and piggies feature quite a bit on my Instagram, and I'd love to see your pets whatever they are, so share some links below!

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