Monday, 31 March 2014

The Skinny Bird Challenge

I'm a seasonal eater - in the autumn and winter I fatten up a bit (for survival reasons, obviously) and in spring and summer I eat healthily and exercise more. But this last year or two I've gained even more weight in the colder months and not dropped as much in the summer, resulting in me putting on more weight than I'm comfortable with.

One of my wishes for 2014 was to be healthy. I really didn't exercise very much in the months before I met Allan and he's encouraged me to go hillwalking, but I need to do more.

So here's the challenge:

Between 31st March and 31st May, I plan to lose a stone (just over 6 kgs). I'm currently almost 10st 8lbs so the hope is to be 9st 8lbs (at least) by the end of those 9 weeks.

Obviously getting back to a weight I'm happy with is a great motivation, but Allan and I are going to a close friend's wedding at the start of June, so the timing is perfect.

As the weather heats up I naturally eat healthier foods so that side of things shouldn't be too difficult (I hope!), the main change will be regular exercise.

As well as the hillwalking I hope to do a lot more general walking which I've really enjoyed recently, especially when there are geocaches to be found! I also joined my local council-run gym recently and they have a different fitness class on every night Monday-Thursday, as well as a swimming pool.

I'll have a weekly weigh-in and keep you up to date with my progress, and if anyone has any tips let me know, I'll need all the help I can get! If you're doing something similar maybe we can motivate each other!

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  1. Jessica Edmunds31 March 2014 at 18:02

    Good luck lovely, you are beautiful anyway. I love Summer as it just seems right to eat salads and fruit so it makes it easier, Winter is the time of hot comfort! Nothing better than having something to aim towards either ie like an event :) xxx

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to see the yummy healthy foods x

  3. Best of luck! My Fitness Pal really helped me when I was trying to be a bit healthier last summer :)
    ...Just a shame I didn't stick with it. Oops!

  4. :D It is difficult though! I love food and have a really sweet tooth so I have to resist a bit! x

  5. Thanks! So far so good and some of the recipes I've made are surprisingly tasty! I'll have an update on Tuesday hopefully! x

  6. Aww, thank you! I totally agree, I think we're wired that way! x


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