Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Panda’s First Birthday

February the 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, it’s also Panda’s birthday and this year was his first! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I took my tiny little frightened guinea pig home!

We put on a little party and the birthday boy had a great time!

Woody was confused to start with but soon got into the swing of things!

This picture of Woody cracks me up! It's really hard to take a picture of a wriggly baby guinea pig and I deleted so many, but in this one he's like "ok just take your damn picture and let me go play"!

We made bunting and hats and they played in their cardboard castle before they had a piggy picnic of carrots, apples and cucumber on Panda’s new straw mattress.

The mattress has now become a hammock in their cage and they love relaxing on it!

He also got a Disney food mat and some loofah chews, although he’ll share everything with Woody because he's good like that!

It was really good fun to see them figure out the new things and tuck into their treats! I'd love to hear how you celebrate your pets birthdays, I'll need some ideas for next time!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. I've been exercising like a crazy lady this week! I've done step, Zumba, power chi yoga and Bokwa, so it's bound to have done me some good eh?!

2. It was my niece Charlotte's first birthday this week! Aww, she's so pretty and cute and we had great fun at her party (especially on the bouncy castle)!

3. Modern Family is back on the telly and I've just caught up with the last few episodes. I love that show! Everyone is good in it and it's just so funny, but Phil is my favourite!

4. I made lasagne from a kit and it tasted delicious! I'm a bit scared of packet food because it can often taste rubbish, but this Dolmio Original Lasagne Meal Kit was on offer so I thought I'd try it.  I was surprised at how quick and tasty it was! I made mine with meat-free mince but I might chuck some onions and mushrooms in next time.

5. Allan and I haven't been to the cinema together since our second date (which seems strange considering I'm there so often!) so I decided to take him to see Robocop. I don't really remember the original so we'll have to revisit it, but we both enjoyed this one despite the weirdness of him without the suit on!

6. Because my birthday was looming I took birthday treats into the office for my friends. We had scones in the morning and these diddy doughrings in the afternoon. All that good work I did exercising earlier in the week? Wasted!

7. I was asked to design a logo for Allan's band and I'm really happy with how it looks so far!

8. Sunday was my birthday! Yay! I love birthdays, they're pretty important in my family, so I had everyone round to my house and got well and truly spoilt!

9. And I baked a cake! I really enjoy baking, despite it not going fully to plan this time! I usually like sharing recipes I've tried but not sure if I should post this one or not...what do you think? It was delicious even though it went a bit wrong!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our New Addition!

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed a new addition to our family, little “Woody” Woodstock!

We had discussed having more pets on a number of occasions, but decided it was better to wait until Allan moves in so we have time off and could both be at hand to help them settle in. But during our week off we went to Pets At Home to buy some treats for Panda and, well you can’t go in there and not look at the animals can you?

As the cloud of guinea pigs dispersed there he was, and we both knew. Allan asked if we could see him and Woody sat so sweetly on his chest. He was also the fluffiest little fella I’ve ever touched! After confirming that he was a boy (although I would love a house full of baby piggies it’s maybe not such a good idea!) and going through the necessary paperwork and information, he was ours!

I was worried about how Panda would react to his new roomie but it only took a short introduction and a little rumblestrut from Panda to assert his dominance before they became best buddies!

Woody follows Panda EVERYWHERE! It’s the cutest thing! Wherever Panda walks, Woody follows. When we pick Panda up or if he goes out of sight, Woody squeaks as if shouting “Panda, Panda, Panda”. They just have this really sweet older brother/younger brother thing going on!

Panda does need a bit of time away from Woody sometimes because he’s a bit hyper, but we give them some “me time” each as well as lots of floor time together.

I’m so glad we popped into the pet shop that day, he’s the perfect little friend for us all!

Monday, 17 February 2014

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! I'm a big fan of it, even when I was single I used to buy myself something nice! We had a nice meal in the house and swapped cards, although Allan did buy me this beautiful rose unexpectedly!

2. I also got my lovely gift from Ellie for the Blogger Valentine's Swap. I love swaps, it's a great way to get to know other bloggers and get a nice surprise too!

3. The main event of the week was Panda's first birthday! Look at him in that tiny hat, ain't he cute?! We had a little party where him and Woody played in a cardboard castle and ate a piggy picnic. I'll definitely be doing a post on this (expect many cute pics)!

4. I got some awesome new business cards done. I thought they'd be handy for a meetup I'm hoping to go to soon.

5. I've been waiting a long time for Fleming to start on Sky. I'm a Bond fan and I like the style of this show. I'm not sure how true it is, but it fits in well with my idea of how the Bond author should be.

6. Creme eggs. Just delicious! I'm trying not to eat so many this time, it came close to addiction last year.

7. Now I have my washer dryer plumbed in I was able to enjoy crisp, clean sheets straight off the ironing board. Mmmm, simple pleasures!

8. My surprise love of the week is Cuban Fury! I went to see it because it looked funny and I LOVE dance movies, and it was really good and now I want to salsa!

9. The Lego Movie is also fantastic! I love Lego and was amazed at how well it was used throughout the film. It's really funny too!

How has your week been? What have you loved?

Friday, 14 February 2014

Blogger Valentines Swap

When Kel at Adventures In Tea And Cake suggested a Valentine's swap I was in there straight away, I LOVE swaps! Allan and I have agreed that we're not big on buying extravagant or overpriced gifts for Valentine's, although I insisted that we give each other cards because it's a great opportunity to remind your loved one how you feel and it's a nice memento to keep.
I'm like a kid at Christmas when I get a surprise parcel, and when I opened this one I audibly squeed! I LOVE NOTES!

How cute is this card?! It contained the loveliest message from Ellie of Ellie's Beauty Edit and it made me so happy!

I slowly went through all the items reading the notes. Ellie had read my blog and picked perfect gifts for me!

She included:

- Dorset cereals because that's where she comes from. I had this for my Valentine's Day breakfast and it's delicious!

- Clipper Sleep Easy Tea which is also made in Dorset and helped me drift off to sleep last night!

- Kallo Belgian Milk Chocolate Organic Rice Cake Thins. Ellie had seen that I've recently joined the gym and these are a healthy well-earned treat for after. I was surprised how good these are! I think it's because they're thin unlike normal rice cakes and, of course, they have chocolate on them!

- Wilko heart shaped cookie cutters which are perfect because my kitchen is now almost finished and I'm hoping to get back into baking very soon!

- Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Shampoo which is Ellie's favourite shampoo, but I have fine hair so it's perfect for me and it smells amazing!

- Bodyshop Coconut Shower Gel. Ellie bought this because it's perfect for all the traveling I want to do and she's right! I'll be packing this and my shampoo into my travel toiletries bag for my next adventure!

- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I've never tried this before but it seems to have great reviews.  Ellie is a beauty blogger so I trust her judgement!

- Finger Groomer "For Panda and his new buddy"! When I saw this it made me smile so much! I immediately set about giving the piggies some pampering and they loved it!

I am so impressed with Ellie's gift, she did a great job considering the budget was only £10! She's so lovely too so you should check out her blog and see what she received in her Valentine's swap post!

If you'd like to see what I bought my Valentine blogger, keep an eye out for Tech Bunny's post on her super cool blog!

I'd love to hear from anyone who also took part in the swap so I can see what fabulous gifts you got!

Hope you're all having a lovely Valentine's Day!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

BlytheCon UK 2013

This blogpost is well overdue considering the last event was in October, but with tickets going on sale for this year's event on Friday, I figured that it was time to tell you all about BlytheCon!

BlytheCon is a series of annual events for collectors of Blythe dolls to get together and catch up on all things Blythe! Events are held all around the world, with the main ones being UK, US, Europe, Barcelona and Australia.

Last year's UK event was held in Glasgow which was very handy for me! Previously they've been held in Oxford, London and Manchester (that was my first BlytheCon and you can read about it here).

It was held in The Lighthouse which was a brilliant venue. It was so light and airy and the layout made it easy to speak to everyone, I really felt part of the community this time.  A brilliant addition was the band, The Banjo Lounge 4, who got everyone into the swing of it!

This time I brought four girls and they were dressed to impress in the tartan pieces I made for them!

I was sharing a room with my friend Addie and we put together an outfit for the fashion competition. She made this brilliant tiny Arran jumper and it looked great with my mini kilt!

We didn't win unfortunately, and although I didn't win in the raffle either there were so many prizes that most people got something.

Here are some of the awesome dolls which were on display, some of which were for sale:

I came so close to buying some of those beautiful girls!

Other things on the day include tutorials, photo sessions and goody bags, and of course the after party! We got "dolled" up (yip, I did!) and headed out for drinks with other collectors and made new friends which we'll hopefully see again next year!

BlytheCon UK 2014 is taking place in Brighton on October 4th and I'll definitely be there! Tickets go on sale on Friday 14th February but if you'd like to know more either you can visit BlytheConUK or ask me and I'll try to help! Let me know if you plan to attend too!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

I've been on a little holiday so here's an extended version!

1. I completed my tax return in the last few days before the deadline as always, but it's such a relief when it's done!

2. We went on our first double date as a couple with Allan's close friends and had a lovely time with great conversation and delicious food.

3. I went to see NT Live's Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston. It was a brilliant production and I can't rave about National Theatre's idea of bringing theatre to cinemas enough!

4. Just as I was panicking to finish my work before my holidays we had a powercut! I love being without power (for a little while!), there's something quite freeing and peaceful about it.

5. We spent the first day of our trip visiting my friends' new baby. She was only a week old and slept the whole time but she's so cute!

6. We visited another friend who drives this beautiful vintage car. I dream of having (and being able to maintain) a car like that!

7. I've been trying some new tipples and I've discovered I like Cidre and sparkling Moscato! Finally a wine I actually like, other than cherry Lambrini that is!

8. We took a trip to a lovely place called Muddy Boots in Fife where they have a restaurant with a fire and lots of guinea pigs outside!

9. I could spend days in Ikea, provided they let me play house in all the display rooms! We spent many hours going round, looking at everything, spending a fortune, and then trying to fit it all into the car.

10. I got a fantastic deal on a night's stay at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel and it was lovely. We spent hours in the pool and spa, and had a perfect, relaxing stay.

11. On our way home we stopped to pick up some things for Panda and fell in love with this little guy in the pet shop! This is our newest family member "Woody" Woodstock, he's so cute and fluffy he gives me cute aggression!

12. Allan had band practice one day so I decided to treat myself to a Disney Day, watching Tangled, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

13. We've done a lot of work to my home over the holiday and I finally have a sink and washing machine! It shouldn't be that exciting, but it's a piece of independence I've missed. My mum no longer has to do my washing and I don't have to break my back doing dishes in a basin in the bath anymore!

14. I've been dreaming of a bookcase full of books and games for so long and I've finally got it!

15. I managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema before I returned to work and The Wolf Of Wall Street was brilliant. Although it was 3 hours long it certainly didn't feel it. The funny thing is that no matter how slick and suave Leo DiCaprio can be, he's not afraid to be goofy and I think you always catch a glimpse of his younger self.

Hope you're all having a great week! Let me know what you're loving at the moment!

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