Monday, 25 November 2013

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. We had our first day of snow this week! I love snow, although I prefer it on days where I don't have to go to work! It was so pretty in the sun with the autumn leaves.

2. The cold weather gave me an excuse to buy new slippers. I have a bit of an odd obsession with slippers, and I wouldn't dare to count how many pairs I have, but I couldn't resist these little fluffy, sparkly, granny looking ones!

3. I know some of you love Doctor Who and this week has been great for us fans. An Adventure In Space And Time was brilliant, really interesting and moving.

4. I've finally finished my Bondathon with Die Another Day. OK, so I didn't quite do them in order, but I can now get cracking with the books, which are in a totally different order anyway! Where one "athon" ends...

5. ...another begins! Allan is a Star Trek fan and he was very happy when I said I wanted to watch them all. We're just doing movies to start with and our Trekathon began this week with Star Trek:The Motion Picture.

6. I picked these beautiful roses from my garden before the cold gets them. Can't believe they're still blossoming in November!

7. Back to Doctor Who, how AMAZING was The Day Of The Doctor?! I went to see it in 3D at the cinema and the atmosphere was great! Loads of people made an effort to dress up and the place was buzzing with excitement. I was speechless afterwards!

8. I was pretty much the same after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Another brilliant movie and I can't wait for the next two. I'll have to dig out my copy of Mockingjay cos it's too long to wait!

9. Have you tried Dairy Milk with Daim? It's my new favourite! I know it all sticks in your teeth, but it's totally worth it!

Monday, 18 November 2013

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. Philomena is a great film! So well written and acted and Steve Coogan plays such a likeable character alongside the brilliant Judi Dench. (It also makes me very angry about how people treat each other).

2. It's getting cold outside so I love wearing secretly exciting socks under by boring work clothes!

3. I also love hot porridge in front of the fire to keep me cosy!

4. I bought this card for my cousin's birthday as it made me laugh out loud in Tesco!

5. It's the first time I've ventured into town and seen the shops' pretty Christmas lights.

6. I know there's been mixed opinions, but I really liked Gravity. It's something different and put my bad days to shame!

7. I love being a girlfriend again! It's still early days, but it's all good! This is Allan, handsome devil and all round lovely guy (and I'm not just saying that because he'll read this)!

8. He even convinced me to go for a 12.5km walk round Loch Muick! It took hours but I barely noticed, it was so beautiful.

9. My kitchen isn't finished yet, but I managed to make a three course meal using only the microwave! And for microwave cooking it was pretty damn good!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Blogger's Summer Swap

Back in July the lovely Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda invited bloggers to take part in a swap. I love this kind of thing so I passed on my details and excitedly awaited my parcel. In the meantime I took my £5 and busily went shopping for a blogger in Italy!

I was getting anxious about my delivery when Dixx from I Meow Life sent me an e-mail explaining that my parcel would be a little late. I had no idea who had me in the swap until then so it was even more exciting knowing it was coming all the way from Romania!

My parcel arrived last week and the sheer number of stamps amazed me!

I was like a kid at Christmas! I opened my parcel very slowly and laid all the lovely wrapped mini-parcels neatly on my desk.

What could they be?! I unwrapped all the little treats one by one and here's what Dixx had sent me:

A pretty floral coaster, some candles, a bath fizz, a bracelet, some stationery and a chocolate bar!

Where to begin?! I started by sniffing the gel pens (as you do!) which are fruit scented and I opened up the pad and found a lovely message from Dixx. I love all the teapots!

I tried on the bracelet and it fits perfectly. I love the colours too, they're so pretty!

Next thing to go was of course the chocolate bar! It had truffle inside and a nice rum kick, which was a good start to my Sunday!

I poured myself a nice big bath and dropped in the fizz then lit the Summery Apple tealight. My bathroom smelt amazing!

After a nice long soak in the tub, I relaxed in front of the telly with a cup of tea on my new coaster and the Cozy Vanilla candle burning in my living room. I love candles, you know?!

I want to say a big thank you to Dixx for my wonderful parcel and to Rhiannon for arranging all this along with Ella of Hello Ella, it was great fun!

Monday, 11 November 2013

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1.  Who doesn't love new pyjamas? Crazy people, that's who! I love my new festive jammies from Primark!

2. My friends were over from Belfast this week so we went out for tea and I took them to one of my favourite local bars, The Tippling House. The cocktails there are delicious! Not just good, DELICIOUS!

3. I struggled at first, but I'm so glad I stuck with Girls. It's hard to describe but it's like you know these girls, because you're seeing more ordinary aspects of their lives maybe?

4. Super healthy lunches for me this week, but I totally love steamed veg and rice. It's so tasty and healthy and brightly coloured!

5. I can't believe that I haven't been to the cinema this week! The only film I've seen is Anchorman but it is a brilliant movie!

6. My Etsy shop is open again! I had a short break in October but I'm back in business from today selling vintage books, jigsaws and gifts, most of which people would love to receive for...say...a big fun present-giving time of year. Just sayin'.

7. Big Bang Theory is back on UK tellyboxes and I love it! OK it's been on for a couple of weeks but I'm all caught up now and glad to have it back!

8. I have been trying to get these green tartan curtains for ages and managed to lay my hands on them this week. They're from Next and they're a bit more expensive than I'd usually pay but I just knew they'd be great in my living room.

9. I have to say how much I love @LBloggersChat on Twitter. Every Sunday 7-8pm UK time, loads of lovely lifestyle bloggers get together to discuss the topic of the day. This week's subject was Christmas and it made me so excited! It's a great way to meet other bloggers and chat to friends in a really relaxed atmosphere (although trying to keep up with the timeline is frantic)!

Monday, 4 November 2013

♥ This Month's Loves ♥

Well hello there! I've been MIA for a few weeks so here's a quick catchup:

1. I went to New York! Oh yes I did! My sister and I went on an adventure across the Atlantic for a week-ish and has a stressful but good time! I'll be giving you a full write-up shortly!

2. I went to New York Comic Con! And it was awesome! So much to see, so little time, such sore feet afterwards! More about this shortly too.

3. I went to New York BlytheCon! Yip, another convention of a slightly different kind! I got to meet some lovely Blythe fans across the pond just a week after visiting the UK one. And yes, there's more to follow on both BlytheCons shortly too!

4. As you can imagine I saw a few films! Fifth Estate hasn't done as well in the box office as expected, even the lure of Benny Batch's acting wasn't sufficient for some.  I went to see it though, mostly out of curiosity and to get some further understanding of the story in general, and I thought it was really good.

5. I also saw One Chance, which is a really sweet and funny story, Captain Phillips, which was much better than expected (despite me having to lob a rolled up napkin at a woman who sat playing with her mobile phone), Bad Grandpa, which was average apart from the unscripted parts which were hilarious, and I saw NTLive's Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster again, and loved it again.

6. The highlight though was Thor: The Dark World. A great film with the usual action and comedy and the mid-credit scenes on these Marvel films are getting exciting!

7. It's started to get colder and darker so I'm getting into that winter frame of mind. I bought this Quorn Stew & Dumplings ready meal and it was delicious!

8. I also bought some new pyjamas! I love the feeling of new jammies, especially teamed with my new fluffy jumper thing and electric blanket! Mmmmm...cosy!

9. I've also been eating lots of delicious, unhealthy things, which will have to stop very soon! This is a bonfire cake, which is chocolate with a strawberry filling, topped with icing, Flake and crushed hard sweets. So nice but so sickening! Unlike Dairy Milk with Daim chunks which is a new favourite!

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