Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My New Home – The 30 Day Countdown & Saving Some Last Minute Cash

Do you remember about a month ago I revealed that I’d bought a new home, and it had been a bit of a farce but I was really excited (and relieved!) to finally be able to reveal it to you? Well, I thought it was time for an update!

So it’s now only 30 days until I get the keys! Squee! And although it’s really exciting, it’s also making me panic because I’m a little bit short for my deposit and need to work hard to come up with the rest.

Here’s (hopefully!) how I’ll  do it:

My diary for the next month is pretty empty and it’s staying that way. No nights out, no adventuring, absolutely nothing that will cause unnecessary expenditure cos I need to save every penny. The only things I’m allowing myself are one or two trips to the cinema and my visit to the Dundee Tattoo Convention, both of which are basically paid for already.

So with no added outgoings, I need to work on increasing the money coming in.

First of all I made some crocheted items to sell in my craft shop and the initial response has been pretty good! I’ve had a few orders for the Blythe items, but I need to advertise them within the Blythe community a bit more to boost that. PS The hair bows are for humans too! :)

Next up I started my blog sale and I’m also really happy with the response to that, thanks to everyone who has had a look, I’m glad some of you found something nice to treat yourself to!

I’ve sold a few other bits on eBay, but I’ll be stepping up a gear this week as I sort through everything. It’s proving quite therapeutic to sort through and decide what can and can’t come to my new place!

There’s a local “cash for clothes” shop that will collect unwanted items and give you money there and then, so if I have items left over that’s where they’ll be going.

Even my Blythe dolls are sorting through their wardrobe! Along with some vintage Barbie & Sindy doll clothes and accessories, they’re now for sale on Dolly Duds.

I’ll be selling some of my craft supplies, although I’m not sure how yet. I have a lot of fabric and buttons etc which I think I’ll sell through my Etsy craft shop and other bits which may be more suited for eBay.

For the next seven days, I’m offering 20% off all items in my vintage shop! Just add the code “HAPPYHOME” at the checkout before the end of Wednesday 7th August to save on some supercool nostalgic fun!

And finally (for the time being anyway!) I've been in touch with a local company about handing out fliers for them. So hopefully I'll get paid and get some free exercise in the sun!

So hopefully my next update will be one filled with deep joy and smiley pictures of me with the keys to my new home and it'll all have been worth it!

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