Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tiny Bird's Big Blog Sale!

Sorry everyone, that's everything gone for now! Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or my blog to be the first to know about my next blog sale!

I have a LOT of clothes, like a ridiculous amount of clothes. I keep buying more and forget about the clothes I already have. So it's time to open those wardrobe doors and free the fashion! I'm starting with clothes, but shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories and beauty are all to follow!

How it works:
1. Enjoy a nice leisurely look through the gallery, making a note of any items you'd like.
2. Email me with your shopping list and I'll tally up the cheapest postage & packaging I can.
3. Send your payment to me through Paypal (that's the only payment method I'm accepting folks)
4. Wait patiently for the nice postperson to bring you your exciting package!

You want worldwide shipping? You got it!
You want a larger image? Just ask and you will receive! (by email obvs)
You want the items sent asap? No problem, I'll get it sent within 1-2 days of cleared payment.
You have a question? Feel free to ask! I won't accept returns so I'll let you know anything you need to.
You want to call dibs on any item? It's all first come first served, so get your order in asap!

PS Everything is in UK sizes. To give you a scale to work with, I'm about a 10 generally speaking, although I fluctuate between 8-12 and I'm 5'4". There are some larger sized items which I bought for a baggier fit.

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