Thursday, 13 June 2013

☆ Flights Of Fancy ☆

Things which have captured my imagination this week...

This image of the beautiful Esther Williams, who died this week

This Kickstarter idea is so simple but so clever

I need all these things and much, much more!

 The mint green accents on this dresser totally liven it up!

"Hey girl!" What a dude this dog is!


  1. Ahh, why haven't I seen all those Qualy things until now. I need all of it too :D haha

    And that dog is a proper dude, so cute! We actually have a photo of my rabbit with Jake's snap back on, but he doesn't look as happy about it lol


  2. I know! Where have they been hiding?!

    I love dressed up pets, but it is hard to find an animal that likes it! :D

  3. That dresser! SO perfect.

    xo Ashley

  4. It is, isn't it?! Such a simple idea, but it looks perfect!


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