Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Twitter & Facebook Updates

I've made a couple of changes to my social media accounts over the last few days so I wanted to keep you up to date with them!

I've been having a think about the difference between Twentythreetwo, my company, and Tiny Bird Heart, my blog, and I wanted to amend things to suit the content better.

First up is Facebook. My Facebook page was originally set up for my company but I was struggling with what I should and shouldn't post there based on what's relevant to my shops. I felt it was restricting me from sharing lots of other fun stuff with you, so I've changed the name to Tiny Bird Heart and opened it up to everything! I'll still share shop news, but I'll also talk about life in general, stuff I'm interested in and share my blogposts on there too!

Then there's Twitter. I've had @twentythreetwo since I first started tweeting over 4 years ago and it's evolved lots over that time. I had planned to switch names with @tinybirdheart but Twitter now keeps the name assigned to you for 30 days after you close your account, so this would have taken 2 months!

Maybe that's for the best though, as I'd like @tinybirdheart to be more personal and more about day-to-day life, whereas @twentythreetwo is more about crafting and Blythe, and I think my friends on both accounts will have different things to chat about!

I'd love if it you could pop over and say hi on any of these, let's get chatting! :D

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