Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Your Opinion On...Internet Dating

Recently I asked all my blog readers, Twitter and Facebook friends and family to give me their opinion on internet dating.

For my birthday, a certain online dating site sent me a free trial. I have, in the past, dabbled with such things to a mixed success but wondered what your experiences and opinions are.

Your Opinions
"I haven't but my sister did & now lives in California with her hubby of 6 yrs that she met online & 4yr old son :)" @hollymcpat
"IMO, dating sites work for some people. Some of my mates have found true love through them. Not me. Just girls with lazy eyes & dodgy pasts. 16mths on, they wouldn't even give me the 6mth freebie their adds promise. Fuck them all I say!" @todd_philips

My Opinion

I wouldn't mind some of what Holly's sister got! What a great result!

I've had a few dates and a couple of relationships in the past through various sites, but it took a bit of work to get there.

You have to write a profile. Most people struggle with that. I hate writing profiles probably because I find myself judging people based on the littlest things they've written in theirs.

You have to try and find a picture that makes you look attractive and fun. Most people hate photos of themselves. When searching, I scour these little pictures probably dismissing people for no good reason, but just because I don't like their pose or their curtains.

You finally find someone that fits your requirements and you fit theirs. You build up the confidence to contact them and wait for a reply. But that reply may never come and you're back to square one.

Really, I find the process quite unnatural. I also know people that it's worked for and that's great, but I know a lot more people that it hasn't worked for. Maybe it's just not for me.

Getting back to the origins of my query, I read that 1 in 5 new relationships begin on an online dating site. That sounds quite hopeful but it also means that 4 in 5 new relationships begin offline, which I find much more reassuring!

Next week: Nothing!

I've enjoyed reading your opinions on all the topics I've featured but this series has come to a natural end :( These posts have been some of my most viewed but they haven't been as interactive as I'd hoped!

Thanks to everyone who took part and gave their insight, you've been superstars! If I have any future dilemmas, I'll let you know!

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