Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The ABCs Of Me

Recently one of my favourite bloggers, Emily of The Freckled Fox, did her The ABCs Of Me and encouraged her readers to do the same. I think I've attempted one once but never actually finished it, so this time I'm going to do it!

Same thing applies here, if you do one in your blog, leave a comment below with a link in it so I can read it!

Addictions: Creme eggs, slippers, stationery, fluffiness.
Bed size: Currently a single *sad face* but when I move into my new flat, MASSIVE!
Chore you hate: All chores, by definition, are rubbish, but I especially hate ironing.
Dogs or cats: Dogs, any day. I need to feel the love, not the claws!
Essential start of your day: 2 x snooze button, a shower to half wake me up, then baby tea (LOADS of milk and one sugar) to wake the other half up!

Favourite colour: I wear black too much (and it's debateable whether it's really a colour) so I'd say something bright...no, berry colour...nope, I love ALL THE COLOURS!
Gold or silver: Silver, it's always been silver.
Height: 5'4"
Instruments you play (or have played): Recorder, guitar, the spoons.
Job titles you've had: Shop assistant, assistant to financial advisers, dry cleaner, papergirl, customer adviser, customer service manager, catering assistant, sales rep of many things, jack of all trades, master of none!

Kids: None.
Live: The Shire, North East Scotland
Mum's name: Agnes
Nickname: The McKess, Kazza K, Kaz, KK, depending on who you speak to!
Overnight hospital stays: Only when taking someone else to A&E and when I was born!

Pet peeve: I could probably sum it all up under the heading "other people's stupidity and/or lack of manners or morals"
Quote from a movie: Waaaay too many to mention, but I'm a sucker for a passionate romantic line
Right or left handed: Right handed
Siblings: An older sister and a younger brother
Time you wake up: This is going to sound a bit bad, but I wake up at 8am, snooze til 8:15am, then get up at 8:25am. In my defence this is enough time to get ready and get to work for 9am cos I only live 5 mins away, and I'm not a morning person!

Underwear: Yes. Always.
Vegetables you dislike: Raw celery
What makes you run late: My own laziness or disinterest in getting where I'm going
X-rays you've had done: Only dental ones
Yummy food you make: Red lentil curry with paprika pittas and muffin pizzas!
Zoo animal: Any kind of tiny little monkey that could live in my pocket.

So that's my list, what's yours?


  1. Yay! That's a good read Billy! I like your underwear experimentation story, although now I'm wondering how many people aren't as courteous as you...#gadz :D

  2. Haha, exactly what I thought! #gadz

  3. Thanks for doing this it made me happy! I really had fun doing it and you never know if when you tell your readers they should try something that they actually do it! haha hope you had fun:)
    xo, Emily

    P.S. you should totally add the google friend connect widget so people can follow and get updates when you do new posts! Let me know if you do so I can follow you:)

  4. Hi Emily, I'm glad you liked it, it was good fun to do!

    I had a bit of a problem adding Google Friend Connect but I've finally figured it out! It's over there, on the right :) x


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