Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What Are Your Rules Of Twitter?

Today I had to unfollow someone because they broke one of my Twitter Rules: Don't fill up my timeline with the same or very similar tweets in a short space of time.

Now I hate unfollowing people. I always feel so guilty it because I'm a big sap and I feel sad when I get unfollowed, especially by someone who's tweets I really enjoy.  But I know that's me being silly because it doesn't mean they don't like me, it's just that everyone has their own reasons and rules when it comes to Twitter.

The person had sent out 54 tweets, one after the other, with links to different individual products. The message was the same in each tweet, she was recommending another person's work (which was really nice of her), and I had a look at one or two of the products she was recommending.

But if I had seen one or two messages with a link to the entire shop I would have had the chance to browse myself and see if I was interested in finding out more. In fact, instead of seeing just one or two products, it's likely that I would have seen more.

I also follow 290 other people and like to know what's going on with them too!

My other main rules are:

Don't keep retweeting the same person all the time. If I wanted to know what they were saying I'd follow them.

Don't just follow people to get a follow back. We've all seen it, you get a new follower, you don't follow back immediately, they unfollow again after 2-3 days. It's just a waste of everyone's time.

I don't really have many rules apart from this, if I follow you I generally like what you're saying. I can let the odd thing go because we can't all agree all the time and as long as you're not hugely offensive or overly depressing I'll still like you!

I know that these are my bugbears and that everyone has their own, so what are your Rules Of Twitter?

Karen x

*PS Just because I don't follow you on Twitter, doesn't mean I don't follow you elsewhere! :)*

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