Monday, 20 August 2012

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. It's been a week of making and getting things ready for Aberdeen Craft Bazaar next Saturday! First up were these vintage cards I bought which used to come with boxes of teabags! These are from the 1950s and 60s and have these great pictures of birds on them but the backs were a bit worn so I turned them into magnets.

2. I also made some more of my Farmyard Magnets so I can make a pretty display of them altogether on my blackboard. These magnets are made from photos I took on a local farm on a family day out!

3. Still overcome with Olympic fever, I bought this Make Your Own Gingerbread Medals kit from Morrisons! It was half price so I couldn't resist and this is my one (it's meant to say #1)! It tasted good too!

4. Sky1 has been showing the Naked Gun films every Tuesday, ending with Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult tomorrow night. I LOVE these films! They are full of ace one-liners and the comedy isn't offensive or anything, it's just really silly, laugh out loud goodness!

5. I got another Glossybox this week and this one's full of International Superstars. I'm really excited about this one as it contains Lipcote, a Glossybox lipstick, Deep Cleansing Oil and imPRESS nails which I've been dying to try.

6. Here are my imPRESS nails! They're really easy to put on, you just use the wipe to clean your nails, peel off the back of the nail and stick it on! The only worry I have is that if one falls off they all have to come off unless you buy glue separately.

7. Even more making this weekend! I'm making some lunch bags for the Bazaar with this pretty oilcloth. I really liked the material but had no idea of what to make with it until now and the bags are turning out really well!

8. Aberdeen Art Fair was on this weekend at the Music Hall and there were lots of amazing artwork, sculptures and even furniture to look at.  One of my favourite stands was the one from a local school, the pictures were so bright and imaginative!

9. My cinema trip this week was to see Bourne Legacy. I never really got into the previous Bourne films that much, but I enjoyed this one. I'm quickly become a fan of Jeremy Renner, especially as Hawkeye in the Marvel films, and he really suits these rugged action roles. I'd say that a bit of knowledge of the previous films would help when watching this though as there are some references back to them.

Karen x

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