Monday, 23 July 2012

♥ This Week's Loves ♥

1. My little brother's 30th birthday *sobs*. A friend of my Mum's made this ace cake of him at the gym! We had a lovely family meal the night before to celebrate.

2. I put money towards his new laptop as a present, but wanted to give him something to keep so got this Beano comic from the week of his birth.

3. I finally got round to watching My Neighbour Totoro and loved it! Such a sweet story and brilliantly animated.

4. I'm a Superhero! And you can be too courtesy of Marvel's Create Your Own Superhero game.

5. A triple hit of Batman this week! We went to a double bill of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in preparation for the The Dark Knight Rises at the weekend. Unfortunately I'd caught a spoiler which took the edge off of it, but it was still a great movie!

6. I dyed my hair using my usual hairdye because I've tried a couple of different ones lately and been disappointed so I went back to my trusty Castings by L'Oreal in Plum. I used Live XXL but it contains bleach and made my hair feel horrible, but this stuff make it feel soft and shiny and is a really good colour. Also it fades brilliantly! It goes a nice reddy-brown and people have said how nice that looks!

7. I ordered a load of stuff from the Next VIP Sale! I always order a ridiculous amount of clothes online in this sale then end up taking most of it back because you don't get much of a description, but it's great to try it all on at home at my leisure! I don't buy that much from Next usually, but their sales are great and I get some good work clothes and bikinis and if you're a VIP you can shop the sale before all the good stuff is gone!

8. I bought my first nail polish from Topshop and it's a transparent pink with multi-coloured glitter called Adrenalin. I've tried it on bare nails and it looks nice but I'll need to try it on a painted nail too.  The glitter has come off the white bit of my nail already but it'd might stay on better with a base.

9. I've been designing a new product which I am so excited about! The prototypes have come out better than expected and I'm hoping to release them this week!

Karen x

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