Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dressed To The Max(i)

Despite the dodgy weather, I've fancied a maxi skirt for a long time but I'm pretty short and was worried they'd make me look frumpy, so I always avoided them.

I'd seen this black maxi skirt in New Look so decided to try it on with a few things to see how I could wear it and really liked it paired with this blue rope strap vest. I tucked the vest in and pulled it out a little. I tried putting my long cardigan over the top, but that just made me look shapeless, so it was back to the drawing board for cover-ups.

I bought this fab grey blazer to wear with blue jeans a white tee, and a grey & pink sweater and zebra bag in the sale. I think they're both sold out online but I got mine in store for £7 and £6.

I also found the floral jacket from my last post in store and tried it on with the green jeans but it just didn't suit me :(

My next stop was H&M. By this time I was in a rush so just started grabbing random stuff off the rails to try on!

I bought three vests to go with my maxi skirt. One was just a plain black one and the other two are similar to the style of the one shown but in the creamy leopard print pattern and the print with little multi-coloured cheetahs all over it! I can't give you links because the tops don't seem to be on the H&M site. I really wish they'd put a search on there too cos it's a nightmare to find things!

I think I've also solved my cover-up problems with this denim jacket. It kinda dresses it all down and because of the length it doesn't look shapeless. The final touch will be this nail polish in "Chicaboomboom" which is a totally popping bright orange!

Do you have any tips for what I could wear with my maxi skirt? What's on your shopping list for this month?

Karen x

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