Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Mini-Adventure To Edinburgh

I'm so excited that I'm having two mini-adventures in two weeks!

The first one was last weekend in Edinburgh visiting a friend and this weekend I'm going to Belfast for a friend's wedding!

I use Twitter a lot for both business and personal stuff, and I've made some great friends throught it, including my bestest Twitter friend Leanne and our lovely chum James. Together we were TwinemaAberdeen, a weekly cinema-going group, but at the end of last year, James moved away to Edinburgh.

Leanne and I still go on our weekly visits to the cinema, so decided to take the show on tour and pay James a visit.

I love travelling by train, and we got an ace table with loads of space, which allowed us to play with my purchases from the new Aberdeen Cath Kidston shop! I bought a model village, dinosaur finger puppet (which I have now decided is actually a dragon!) and a wind-up rabbit. I also bought a Lego mini-figure which turned out to be the Statue Of Liberty and was a welcome addition to the wee town!

James met us from the station and we dumped our stuff at his flat and went shopping. (I've bought some amazing things this week, but I'll do a separate blog on that!)

We got our gladrags on and headed out to the Red Squirrel for a lovely meal and drinks, then ventured down to a fantastic little pub on Hanover Street which I can't remember or find the name of, but it was like a comfy living room and a great place to chat.

I was in dire need of a Blue WKD so we headed to The Standing Order and then 99 Hanover Street.
On Sunday we went to Cuthbert's Coffee & Bistro for brunch before going to the cinema to see We Bought A Zoo. I was expecting the film to be a bit cheesy but it was so sad! It also makes you want to buy a zoo!

We spent a lovely afternoon wandering about, visiting Armstrong's vintage shop and sitting in the Princes Street Gardens.


It was getting close to going home time, but we went to Wagamama's for tea and it was my first time there, but I loved it! 
The train journey home was not as lovely as the way down, to put it mildly, but I don't want that to take the shine off of a great weekend!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and everywhere you look there is something to see. Definitely one of my favourite mini-adventures so far!

Karen x

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