Monday, 16 April 2012

Me: The Dancing Queen & Gym Bunny (for the moment!)

This week I'm back to getting some exercise! I'm so lazy over the winter months, my body (and a good chunk of my mind!) goes into hibernation and I'm all about the comfort food!

But spring has sprung and it's time to get off my ass and lose those extra pounds, so last week I signed up for a dance class and got a deal on gym passes/classes online.

The dance classes are run by Citymoves in Aberdeen and I do the Hip-Hop class.  I've done a few terms with them before, but gave it a rest at the end of last year. This class is great fun and great exercise! I usually like to wear some baggy gear for it, so here's what I'll be wearing:

1. Grey jogging bottoms 2. Fashion Addict vest 3. Golddigga trainers 4. Blue vest 5. Grey cropped joggers
I've had the trainers for a while, but Golddigga do some excellent cheap and colourful trainers. I got the full length bottoms and Fashion Addict vest in the sale so they are sold out. I had to buy the bottoms in a size 18 (I'm a 10, UK sizes) cos that's all that was left but at £4 I can easily take the waist in & keep the baggy legs!

This kit will also keep me looking funky at the gym. I've got 10 passes which can be used in the gym or on classes at Aberdeen Sports Village which I got through Living Social for £19. I much prefer aerobics, Zumba or step to weights, so I plan to attend a class or two each week.

Despite my current enthusiasm about exercise, you should know that I am not a big fan and I can't sign up for a gym cos I'll never go. I prefer my fitness in short sharp bursts whilst I have the motivation! But I'm really looking forward to dancing tonight!

Are you a dancing queen or gym bunny? Or is exercise your Kryptonite too?!

Karen x

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