Friday, 27 April 2012

Marvel & Me (No Spoilers I Promise!)

I suppose you could say I really got into Marvel movies when I saw Thor last year at the cinema and it really blew me away. It's hard for me to even describe what it is I liked about it, I just sat with my eyes wide open for the duration and soaked it all up!

I had really enjoyed Iron Man and Iron Man 2 but it hadn't really clicked until then.

I then went to see X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger and I knew that I was hooked!

Slowly momentum started to build for this year's biggy, The Avengers, and I've been looking forward to it ever since. (If you didn't know already, always hang about for the end credits)!

A couple of weeks ago I went to buy my first actual comic books! I had no idea what to buy, there's so much choice, but I went for The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week because I recognised the characters and I knew it would relate to the film that was coming out. It has four parts and is very recent so I knew I could get them all.  I bought the first three and still have one to get as it hadn't been released at that point.

The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble as it's know over here due to a popular TV series from the 60s) was released in the UK last night and I rushed into the cinema after work to meet up with two friends to see it.

I won't spoil it for anybody (as promised!) but it was AMAZING! It was all I expected and more, and I sat with the same wide eyes I'd had for Thor, X-Men and Captain America.

These films are made for the big screen, so go and see Avengers at the cinema if you can. And remember, stick around for the credits!

Karen x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Pamper Day At Dunavon‏

I've kind of stopped doing craft fair's recently as the amount they cost to attend was outweighing the sales (and purchases!) I was getting on the day. But I've been asked to attend a fair which I can't say no to!

Regular readers will know that I've supported Maggie's Cancer Care Centres in a couple of things recently, so when they asked me to come along to this event I was more than happy to!

So, what's it all about?

We all love a good pamper and it's always better when someone else is doing the work!

The treatments available are reflexology, back neck and shoulder massage, hot stones, on site clothed massage, indian head massage, arm/hand massage with file and polish and leg/foot massage with file and polish.

The event is on Sunday 1st July from 1-6pm in support of Maggie's Centre, Aberdeen and takes place at the Dunavon Hotel in Dyce and I hear the owner is to have his legs waxed for the charity!

And, of course, I will be there along with a few other lovely ladies providing gifts and treats for you all at our stalls!

Tickets are £20 and that includes a half hour treatment and a glass of wine/soft drink and nibbles.

To book treatments, please email Eleanor to make an appointment.

If you fancy coming along or have any questions, just let me or Eleanor know!

Karen x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Monochrome & A Splash Of Colour

It's funny how I seem attracted to similar things on a shopping trip. This time it seems to have been monochrome and brights!

I paid a visit to H&M, which is a shop where I either see loads of things or nothing at all, and this time it was loads! Here are my treats:

1. H&M Striped Cardigan 2. H&M Nail Polish 3. ASOS LEIGH Patent T-Bar Shoes
4. H&M Eyeshadow Set

5: Black & white striped vest from H&M 6. Multi Coloured Palm Leaf Vest 7. F&F Cotton stretch cardigan
I don't like to spend too much money on work clothes and I don't suit suits, so I like to buy cardis like these which were both £10 or less. Even if they only last for 6-12 months that's fine as I like to change them seasonally anyway!

The shoes I LOVE! I saw them on Scathingly Brilliant's blog (she has the red ones) and these are my new favourite day-to-day shoes. I'm always cautious picking shoes as I think my feet look quite big, but the T-bar distracts from that!

I love the vest style tops because they can be dressed up or down and I can't believe the eyeshadow set was only £5.99!

Isn't the H&M colour amazing on?! This one is Something Blue and the green one is Polish Me Happy.

I love these new rings, both from H&M. The one on the left is a black ball of fluff on a gold coloured band and the other is clear plastic but I love the funky geometric shape!

I have a night out this weekend so think I'll keep the nails and team them with the striped vest top and a pair of bright blue jeans and heels, and top it all off with a black blazer.

Does anything here catch your eye?

Whilst I have your attention, I was wondering if you could complete a really short survey of only 3 questions to let me know what you'd like to see more of on my blog? It'd be a great help to me and means I won't bore you with posts you don't like! :D

Click here to take survey

Karen x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Me: The Dancing Queen & Gym Bunny (for the moment!)

This week I'm back to getting some exercise! I'm so lazy over the winter months, my body (and a good chunk of my mind!) goes into hibernation and I'm all about the comfort food!

But spring has sprung and it's time to get off my ass and lose those extra pounds, so last week I signed up for a dance class and got a deal on gym passes/classes online.

The dance classes are run by Citymoves in Aberdeen and I do the Hip-Hop class.  I've done a few terms with them before, but gave it a rest at the end of last year. This class is great fun and great exercise! I usually like to wear some baggy gear for it, so here's what I'll be wearing:

1. Grey jogging bottoms 2. Fashion Addict vest 3. Golddigga trainers 4. Blue vest 5. Grey cropped joggers
I've had the trainers for a while, but Golddigga do some excellent cheap and colourful trainers. I got the full length bottoms and Fashion Addict vest in the sale so they are sold out. I had to buy the bottoms in a size 18 (I'm a 10, UK sizes) cos that's all that was left but at £4 I can easily take the waist in & keep the baggy legs!

This kit will also keep me looking funky at the gym. I've got 10 passes which can be used in the gym or on classes at Aberdeen Sports Village which I got through Living Social for £19. I much prefer aerobics, Zumba or step to weights, so I plan to attend a class or two each week.

Despite my current enthusiasm about exercise, you should know that I am not a big fan and I can't sign up for a gym cos I'll never go. I prefer my fitness in short sharp bursts whilst I have the motivation! But I'm really looking forward to dancing tonight!

Are you a dancing queen or gym bunny? Or is exercise your Kryptonite too?!

Karen x

Friday, 13 April 2012

Short Film Friday: Caine's Arcade & Alive Inside

When I'm feeling down I usually reach for a rom-com to cheer me up (I'm a sucker for a giggle and a bit of romance) but when there are films like those below, it proves that heartwarming stories occur in real-life too.

I've tried to embed one, but it's the first time I've tried it so I've added a link too!

Caine's Arcade has become such an intenet hit that I'm sure a lot of you have seen it or at least heard of it, but if not, why not take a look now?

It's a short film about 9 year old Caine Monroy, who has created an amusement arcade from cardboard boxes in his Dad's shop and his determination and creativity is wonderful!

Someone on Twitter highlighted this next film, Alive Inside, to me. It's an amazingly uplifting documentary on the effects of playing favoured music to an Alzheimer's patient.

I hope you enjoy watching them!

Karen x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Candy Belle Vintiques - The Only Vintage Fair In the North East

There's not much I need to say about this event, it's all kinds of vintage goodness all in one place!

Last November I took part in the I Heart Vintage & Craft Fair and met some lovely local stallholders, some of which I'm sure I'll see again here!

It's bang in the centre of Aberdeen and will befinitely be worth a visit!

Karen x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What I Wore: Peaches & Seafoam

Finding an outfit for my friend's wedding (which I blogged about here) was complicated!

I bought two amazing dresses months in advance and as the date neared I began to change my mind about them and decided I needed something else! So I hit the high street...

1. Seafoam Skater Dress   2. Apricot Triple Daisy Corsage   3. Coral Snake Print Clutch Bag
4. Peach Canvas Cork Wedge Shoes   5. Bourjois Paris So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Bleu Model T44
I really love this outfit, I love the cut of the dress and the colours seem to really suit me. I can definitely see me wearing the accessories with a different outfit, especially as there are so many other lovely summer pastels in the shops that match!

What are your favourite trends this spring?

Karen x

Monday, 9 April 2012

My Mini-Adventure To Belfast

It was only last weekend I was on my mini-adventure to Edinburgh, and now I'm just back from Belfast!

We got local flights and it's only an hour to Belfast from here so it was easy to hop over the water for my friend Sarah's wedding to her sweetheart John!

We were staying at the Stormont Hotel which was a really nice hotel, although our room wasn't the greatest. It wasn't bad, but I was surprised that it wasn't more modern given the public areas of the hotel. I'm not a fan of wood-chipped wallpaper and crushed velvet pillows, but the bed was comfy and the TV worked so it was fine!

We'd planned to go to the Titanic Belfast exhibition, but it was totally sold out for the 10 days over Easter. I'll go another time though, maybe when it's not so busy and the staircase is open. Maybe I could ask Leo if he'll come with me...!

After settling in we went to the hotel's La Scala Bistro where the food was delicious! I had "Breaded Aubergine and Boilie Goats - Cheese Crispy breaded Aubergine layered with Spinach and Boilie Goats Cheese on a Creamy Risotto with a Tomato and Basil Sauce" and I was very impressed! I was equally impressed with them selling Blue WKD! Just wish I'd had space for pudding!

The big day soon arrived and after breakfast I had a lovely morning of getting ready at my leisure! Here is the finished article:

It was great to see Sarah walking down the aisle, her dress was so beautiful, and John surprised her by wearing a kilt after saying he wouldn't (she's Scottish and he's from Northern Ireland)! He looked very smart though!

The whole day was held in the Stormont Hotel, which was brilliant!  The ballroom was transformed between the service, the meal and the reception and when my feet hurt and I felt cold I could run upstairs to my room to get my flat shoes and cardigan! Again the meal was fantastic, the band were great and everyone had a lovely day! I even managed to use the chocolate fountain without covering my face or dress!

This is the second time I've been to Belfast and I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see more this time, but I'll definitely be back soon to visit the newly-weds and I'll fit much more in then!

Karen x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Mini-Adventure To Edinburgh

I'm so excited that I'm having two mini-adventures in two weeks!

The first one was last weekend in Edinburgh visiting a friend and this weekend I'm going to Belfast for a friend's wedding!

I use Twitter a lot for both business and personal stuff, and I've made some great friends throught it, including my bestest Twitter friend Leanne and our lovely chum James. Together we were TwinemaAberdeen, a weekly cinema-going group, but at the end of last year, James moved away to Edinburgh.

Leanne and I still go on our weekly visits to the cinema, so decided to take the show on tour and pay James a visit.

I love travelling by train, and we got an ace table with loads of space, which allowed us to play with my purchases from the new Aberdeen Cath Kidston shop! I bought a model village, dinosaur finger puppet (which I have now decided is actually a dragon!) and a wind-up rabbit. I also bought a Lego mini-figure which turned out to be the Statue Of Liberty and was a welcome addition to the wee town!

James met us from the station and we dumped our stuff at his flat and went shopping. (I've bought some amazing things this week, but I'll do a separate blog on that!)

We got our gladrags on and headed out to the Red Squirrel for a lovely meal and drinks, then ventured down to a fantastic little pub on Hanover Street which I can't remember or find the name of, but it was like a comfy living room and a great place to chat.

I was in dire need of a Blue WKD so we headed to The Standing Order and then 99 Hanover Street.
On Sunday we went to Cuthbert's Coffee & Bistro for brunch before going to the cinema to see We Bought A Zoo. I was expecting the film to be a bit cheesy but it was so sad! It also makes you want to buy a zoo!

We spent a lovely afternoon wandering about, visiting Armstrong's vintage shop and sitting in the Princes Street Gardens.


It was getting close to going home time, but we went to Wagamama's for tea and it was my first time there, but I loved it! 
The train journey home was not as lovely as the way down, to put it mildly, but I don't want that to take the shine off of a great weekend!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and everywhere you look there is something to see. Definitely one of my favourite mini-adventures so far!

Karen x
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